The Naked and Famous conclude their tour in Los Angeles, CA

The Naked and Famous
August 22, 2014
The Observatory- Los Angeles, CA

        Warm summer nights were meant for this occasion; On August 22, 2014 The Observatory venue slowly but surely began to fill up with an aged mixed crowd. American Band, The Moth & The Flame opened the concert with a roar. The first Kiwi band came on stage to spread the musical, rowdy, New Zealand love. 2014_the_naked_and_famous_the_observatory-188Strange Babes rocked the full house out.

Eager crowds, ready to dance, began chanting for Naked & Famous to come on. As bright blue lights slowly began to appear, you could see the house was full with people. Overflowing with fans three floor up next to the bar, Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith graced the screaming crowds with their presence . ‘The Naked & Famous’ kicked off their Southern California tour with Hearts Like Ours; Young Blood and Punching A Dream.

There was not one person in the crowd who was silent. In the middle of the set, all music was stopped and Thom Powers comes out to the crowd for smile. Alisa Xayalith stood with arm wide open, singing her heart out. At that very moment, the venue sounded as if it were an arena. With probably one of the best attentive, cheerful, excited dancing crowds, The Naked and Famous said their final good byes with Girls Like You. White screens lit up above the crowd, stage lights shot out in different colors, and the speakers worked their magic. Not a person left the Observatory without a smile on their face.

Review by: Zahara Herrera