Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails perform in nine inches of rain in Auburn, WA

Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden

August 30, 2014

White River Amphitheater- Auburn , W


Soundgarden  IMG_3761-1-3Between traffic backed up for hours, and the downpour of rain we were having, I was expecting to never make it to Washington’s White River Amphitheater, but alas I did with second to spare. Soundgarden was second on the bill, with a stellar light show, backdrop, and a slew of singles on their setlist, that surprisingly excluded all time favorite Black Hole Sun. Frontman Chris Cornell seemed more excited that Seattle Mariner’s All Star pitcher Randy Johnson was in the front row, then the fact that he was playing the last day of their tour in his home turf. With songs such as Spoonman; Fell on Black Days and Mailman, the sold out amphitheater was on their feet cheering the whole way through, despite the inches of rain that was falling.

When 9:30 rolled around, Nine Inch Nails was about to start, and the smell of anticipation was in the air. All the strobes and bright lights shined upon our faces from out behind Trent Reznor and the rest of his band. The set was slightly eerie, with black and white nature projections of snakes, and sped up time lapses of animals in the wild. The band opened with Copy of A, and cycled through 17 songs almost effortlessly, with no breaks besides a short pause, making just enough time for an encore, in which they played their widely recognized Johnny Cash cover titled Hurt. After the crowd cheered for what seemed like 15 minutes, the band bowed, and left the stage, while people flocked to their cars to finally escape the rain. Overall, such a great show to see, with such widely recognized artists who have been, and will continue to top charts all over the world.

Review by: Lainey Taylor 


Nine Inch Nails