Juicy J & Paul Wall Keep it Trippy in Corpus Christi, TX

Juicy J & Paul Wall
August 31, 2014
Concrete Street Amphitheater- Corpus Christi, TX

           Walking the ¼ mile it takes to get to the venue, you could immediately feel the bass percussion punching you in the chest… Security lined the block from the box office to the gates while people were slowly being ushered into the Old Concrete Street Amphitheater. Penetrating the venue gates, first thing noticeable were the Rave Kids, “fluid dancing” with L.E.D rave toys, hula-hoop’s & attire. Pretty soon you see 5-6 scantily clad women, raimented in neon green net stockings, black booty-shorts & matching tops practicing their dance routine(s) in the V.I.P section of the massive venue while DJ Unknown, spun the vinyl & took requests via a live Instagram photo contest. One winner won due to a photo he’d instagramed of himself taking a crap in the men’s room… What we won’t do for 15 minutes of Instagram fame?

JHW_3494The hype-man kept the crowd pumped & helped to continue taking requests for DJ Unknown as he darted from stage left to stage right, jumping up & down, corresponding between the crowd & the DJ… Pretty soon the hype-man ordered the DJ to stop the music, as he introduced the opening act who received a warm welcome from the Corpus Christi, TX crowd. Briana Brandy came out like a force of nature charged with the energy of 10 deadly storms, kick-starting her night with explosive results. Briana Brandy executed a very palatable four song set list that included her original hits Night Life; Lose It; The End & Genius. Giving it her all, Brandy played to the Corpus Christi, TX crowd with the heart of a lion and the same furiosity. An act, I am sure we will here in heavy rotation on the radio dial(s) in the near future… Briana Brandy, left the stage as the hype-man came back to keep the crowd entertained while the next act prepared to take over.

Coming from Phoenix Arizona, Mickey Zobel, his producer, and label mate hit the stage exciting the crowd with some fast paced, energetic originals. Before ending his set he brought out his little sister Lilly, to perform on one of his original hits & ending his phenomenal set with a bang… Signed to E1 Music, Houston, TX based Devin the Dude, took over the stage & performed a plethora of hits that made him famous today, from the cornucopia of studio albums he has recorded throughout the years. Instantly this photojournalist was taken back to his high school days with Devin the Dude’s, old-school 90’s style of rhythm & flow. Reaching out to a member of the crowd Devin, (about the time the song hits its climactic point) says “pass me that blunt” taking the blunt from an audience member, continuing his set, hitting the blunt & flowing the whole time not missing a single beat… Or hit.

Houston native & signed to Swisha House Records; Paul Wall, made his way to the stage. The crowd goes wild as he makes his way from stage right to stage left, JHW_393133spitting out his phenomenal lyrics from his hits past, present & future while sporting his signature grill with a gigantic grin for the well-received crowd… Unfortunately, the Corpus Christi fans were left wanting more as. Paul Wall’s short thirty minute set came to a quick end as all things come to an end when having an amazing time… Though his set ended quickly the night was far from over…

10:45 came rather quickly & like clockwork. Juicy J (founding member of 3.6 Mafia) began his set from back stage, slowly walking to front, center stage as he spoke the lyrics to Stop It... Off Juicy J’s third studio album Stay Trippy, Juicy J performed Smokin’ Rollin’; All I Blow is Loud; Having Sex; & So Much Money before covering his part in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. Jumping back to Stay Trippy, Juicy continued his night with Bandz a Make Her Dance, Scholarship & Talkin’ About. Juicy J ended up bringing the aforementioned dancers on stage blowing the crowd away with 2 amazing sets, 30 songs total. Covering the very songs that made him famous with 3.6 Mafia, including hits like Stay High; Slob on My Knob; Poppin’ My Collar & Sippin’ on Some Syrup, ending this amazing night with two Audience Twerk-Offs to the hits Bounce It & Bombay Gin Dance. A massive show full of talented individuals ready to blow your wigs off. Another Not Miss SHOW!

Review by: Jared Wingate 

Juicy J

Paul Wall

Briana Brandy

Devin the Dude

Mickey Zobel