Palms sway in Corpus Christi, TX

September 30, 2014
Brewster Street Icehouse- Corpus Christi, TX

       Resz, the 2014 Uproar Festival, battle of the bands winners found themselves once again sharing the stage with another big name act; Palms. Corpus Christ based band Resz treated the well-received crowd in attendance with their phenomenal song One Lie. Frontman Adrian Guerra describes One Lie as: “One lie is about giving one chance to the other person knowing that this life, would never work… The end is if I gave you one lie. Because that lie had already been used, and JHW_5791destroyed us. It would not be forsaken even by me. I would understand that our time has passed and nothing could salvage what we had. Simply, don’t string shit along… If the love you have already for something, cannot be equaled or be surpassed by the love of a person who is giving you the run around then, do not pursue” One Lie ended, & the crowd cheered; exhilarated by the bands performance, they applauded longer than usual for an opening act, proving this band has something to offer the music industry. Directly after Guerra introduced the band members and went right into Denetwork followed by Leave Me for Dead; Till it Hurts & ending this amazing set with Crosshairs. The stage presence of this band is as unparalleled as the music they play. Rich with crowd reciprocal action, as the frontman takes off the stage into the crowd to sing their song(s) up close and personal… This band is indeed on the forever growing list of “bands to not miss” in my humble opinion.

The night rolled right along & the band Boyfrndz hit the stage, taking over where Resz left off. Hailing from Austin, Texas (Keep Austin Weird!) Boyfrndz, captivated the audience with their chilled out, Spacey Slacker-Jazz style of seamless guitar & bass scales that would confuse the greatest of guitar players (and Pedro)… Solaced by the music, the Corpus Christi crowd received the band Boyfrndz with esteem acclaim; hanging on to every word as they continued their set. Boyfrndz, set ended quicker than the audience would have liked, the band slowly removed their gear from the stage as the crowd joyfully cheered for their performance. Another rare occurrence where an opening act is just as good as the headlining act & should receive the same amount of praise.JHW_6083

Palms walked out on stage one by one. Frontman Chino Moreno, (Deftones) was last to hit the stage & the crowd lost it. Fans were there holding signs that expressed their undying love for the lead singer. A few fans were so moved by the evening that they had tears streaming down their faces as they screamed in joy “We love you Chino!!” Palms kicked off their set with a brand new song only listed as Newon the set list. Quickly followed by Tropics; Mission Sunset & Future Warrior. It was at this time that Moreno, then asked the lighting technician to dim the house lights as they were bothering him a bit. Right after the lighting technician obliged Moreno’s wishes, he began playing Short Wave Radio. Short Wave Radio, is a beautiful track full of soft melodic guitars & synth mixed in with the unmistakable voice of Chino Moreno melding into one beautiful track. Palms finished off their prodigiously chill set with Antarctic Handshake & Patagonia all off their self-titled album. Leaving the crowd wanting more as he always does, Moreno and Palms left the stage of Brewster Street Icehouse. One thing is for sure. Corpus Christi, Texas loves Chino Moreno no matter what band he is in & knows how to show up as it was a complete packed house. If you have missed the show I feel for you. As this rates up there with the top shows to see this year…

Review by: Jared Wingate