New Found Glory Resurrect Los Angeles, CA

New Found Glory and We Are The In Crowd

October 4, 2014

House of Blues- Los Angeles, CA

         The Glamour Kills Tour of 2014 came to Los Angeles, CA for it’s second date, on October 4, 2014. This year featured New Found Glory and We Are The In Crowd. For the past 5 years, Glamour Kills has been putting on tour featuring many bands that you would find on the Vans Warped Tour, including Mayday Parade, All Time Low, The Ready Set, and others. This year was no exception and We Are The In Crowd definitely started day 2 of the tour perfectly.

We Are the In Crowd-12The band came out to a full house where it seemed like half of the pit knew and loved the band, while the other half never even heard of them. All that stopped mattering as the band kicked off their short, 8 song set, beginning with fan favorite, The Best Thing (That Never Happened) which just recently premiered on MTV’s Artist Spotlight. The female fronted band was jumping up and down and running side to side, which had the crowd feeding off of their energy. Soon, everyone was into the performance, especially during their newest single, Manners which had most of the room singing along to. Lead singer, Taylor Jardine and guitarist/singer, Jordan Eckes harmonized perfectly together, which added something new to a mostly male fronted music scene. The band sped quickly through their set, stopping every now and then to talk to the audience and complain about the LA heat- them being from New York. The set ended with Rumor Mill where Jardine went onto the barricade, standing over the audience, who all pushed forward to try and touch her.

We had the opportunity to talk to Taylor Jardine just before the show about their new album, music videos, weird jobs, fan questions and even play a game of Heads Up. Click below to see it:

Before New Found Glory, comedian Eli Olsberg came out and entertained the crowd as the stage was being set up. It was something that hasn’t been done before New Found Glory-15and really helped pass the time. By the time his skit was over and people had their laughs, the audience only had to wait a mere few minutes before the band finally hit the stage. The band came out one by one, each one receiving more screams and cheers than the last. These guys have been playing Pop-Punk for years upon years and because of that, have experience with their stage show and an arsenal of songs to choose from. Their 24 song set began with Selfless, Understatement and Better Off Dead. The high energy songs set the mood for the night and had security working from start to finish, catching crowd surfers. It was interesting to see so many young fans in the crowd, people from middle to high school, all singing along with the old school fans. There was not a moment in the set where these guys looked tired. They were definitely getting their cardio in, running back and fort and jumping all around the stage. After 19 songs went by in a breeze, the band left the stage, only to return for 5 more songs. The night ended with Sonny, Memories and Battle Scares, Forget My Name, Intro, and All Downhill From Here. 

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

New Found Glory

We Are The In Crowd