Anberlin’s Final Tour Brings More Smiles Than Tears in Los Angeles, CA


October 9, 2014

House of Blues- Los Angeles, CA

         After 12 years and 6 albums, Anberlin has decided that the band is calling it quits. But unlike bands that get into an argument, break up and never tour again, Anberlin is taking a different approach. After accomplishing all the goals (and more) that they set out to do, the band put out their last album Lowborn and set to embark on their final tour, giving fans one last chance to see them before they’re gone forever.

After performing in different countries for the end of August and the beginning on September, Anberlin was back in the states on October 7, 2014. Their second show of the US tour was on October 9, 2014 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA and boy were the fans anxious. Fans of all ages came out to see their favorite band for the last time and the House of Blues was packed from the time doors opened, until the very last note was played.

Anberlin-29A moody, dark tone was set for the evening when the band came out on stage with Never Take Friendship Personal, blue lights flooding the stage, hiding much of their facial expressions from the crowd. But when the lights did shine, each member of the band was smiling, just as the fans were. The band went through their arsenal of 7 albums and performed 21 songs from 6 albums, stingily omitting songs from their newest release, Lowborn. 

By the third song, Paperthin Hymn, lead singer, Stephen Christian made his way off the stage, to the barricade, where he stood, putting his hand out for the crowd to hold. The crowd squeezed in tight, all trying to touch Christian. In between songs as the band would catch their breath from their constant running and jumping, the band would chant, “Anberlin! Anberlin!” showing their enthusiasm. It was nice to see fans enjoying the moment, rather than dwelling on the fact that this is the band’s final tour.

Anberlin un-doubtfully performed fan favorites including The Feel Good Drag, Godspeed, The Unwinding Cable Car among many others, making sure everyone heard something they enjoyed. And by the fans reaction, “something they enjoyed” is a huge understatement. It felt as though every song was better than the last and the energy only increased as the show continued, until the night quickly dwindled away. Now all we can hope for is a reunion tour…

Review by: Nicole Lemberg

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