Chrysalide “Personal Revolution” Album Review


Personal Revolution

       Have you have ever wondered what it would sound like if Skinny Puppy, KMFDM & SYNASCAPE cloned their DNA? Well wonder no more as CHRYSALIDE would be the result. Hailing from The Hexagon, (France) & formed by industrial brothers Acro & Syco Trauma – CHRYSALIDE’s debut album “Personal Revolution” drops on 10/14/2014. Full of 21st century Industrial sounds mixed with heavy synth-pop, hip-hop & dubstep undertones, this album is SURE to please the masses within the industrial markets! The 14 track release is full of phenomenal songs guaranteed to rock your earholes into submission!


The opening track Welcome to the 21st Century comes off as a public service announcement with eerie bass drones slowly rising in the background as the announcement tells you “It’s your turn to be the change” & to “Rise the Fuck up” leading into the next track with a flat lining heart monitor and a male voice screaming “CLEAR!” as it bleeds into the amazing track Question Everything. Tomorrow is too late; We Are Not Cursed; Cynicism is a Poison are all dominating forces on the album, but the one that stands out most to me & is a personal favorite of mine would be the track Another Kind of Me.

Another Kind of Me, is formulated to make your head bob to the beat while you ingest the lyrics into your consciousness… Reminiscent of EARLY pre-fame Marilyn Manson the track rocks more than socks off. Keep Calm is another amazing track that continues the bands anti-political onslaught of musical genius. Vocals vocoded to give an awesome robotic synth voice to carry the lyrics into your ear-vaginas, causing your toes to curl as you experience your first eargasm…


The album continues with Beside the Impossible; Substance over Style & the title track Personal Revolution ending the album with I Had a Dream. It is indeed a rare occasion when a band produces an album that can be played straight through without skipping tracks. This is indeed one of those bands, & is indeed one of those albums. Keep your eyes peeled and your earholes open for these up and comers. CHRYSALIDE is sure to peal & flip your wig from start to finish. Filled with geniously written lyrics, industrial beats & vocoded vocals, this album is a need for every industrial fan out there.

Soundcheck411 Rating: 8/10

Review by: Jared Wingate