The Dirty Heads Bring Sound of Change To Life In Los Angeles

The Dirty Heads
October 11, 2014
Wiltern Theater- Los Angeles, CA

         The Dirty Heads have been around for quite some time, 18 years to be exact. They were founded in 1996, but released their first album, Any Port in a Storm in 2008. Fast forward 6 years, and we now have Dirty Heads who released their 4th album, Sound of Change in July 2014. After a widely successful response to their very musically different album, The Dirty Heads finally came to perform in their hometown of Los Angeles, CA.
The Dirty Heads_-16  The SOLD OUT venue was packed to capacity by the time Rome (Of Sublime with Rome) hit the stage with his new project. As he began his rock, reggae set, fans couldn’t help but chant for him to play Sublime songs which he did not give in to. The set seemed a bit boring but fans still swayed along to it as he performed.
The time that everyone had been waiting for had finally come, The Dirty Heads were ready to hit the stage. The band members came out one by one, and Duddy B began the set, rapping to one of their popular new hits, Franco Eyed. Early in the set, the fans were excited and singing along. It was only during the chorus, when lead singer Jared Watson came out on stage to duet with Duddy B. The high energy continued as Duddy B started to rap while playing guitar and Watson ran around staging singing the melodies. They sped through their set, playing old and new songs including Burn Slow, Dance All Night, Garland, Cabin By The Sea, Goonies, Spread Too Thin, and much more. As the 16th song of the night, Believe ended, the band introduced Rome back on stage, who piggy-backed Watson, and then performed Lay Me Down by the band, one of the band’s most popular singles up to date. They ended their set with Sound of Change and left the stage.
It was clear that the audience wasn’t ready for the show to be over, so not one person moved an inch. The crowd started to chant and the band quickly came back on stage. The intro to Medusa started playing and just as they were about to sing, the Dirty Heads backdrop fell to the floor, revealing a different backdrop, with Medusa on it. The fans went absolutely crazy. The night ended with their first single of Sound of Change, My Sweet Summer and one by one left the stage- all except Watson. As the lights were lit up, the PA started to play a remix of My Sweet Summer and Watson started dancing to it on stage and encouraged the crowd to do the same. The pit was once again jumping along to Watson and a few of his friends who ran on stage to dance with him. The venue had to cut the song short because people were refusing to exit the venue. Once the music stopped Watson left the stage and fans exited the venue.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg

Interview with Duddy B of The Dirty Heads [youtube]VeJ0m_cLD4A[/youtube]

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The Dirty Heads