Gerard Way Proves He Can Stand Alone In Los Angeles, CA

Gerard Way

October 14, 2014

Fonda Theatre- Los Angeles, CA

After kicking off his short Fall tour consisting of just 8 dates, Gerard Way performed at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, his second of 2 SOLD OUT Los Angeles dates. After the break up of Way’s band, My Chemical Romance in 2013, Way set out to make his first solo album, Hesitant Alien which was released in September of 2014. Although many fans were saddened about the breakup of MCR, more were thrilled about Way’s solo record, accounting for why much of his tour is sold out.

Gerard Way-5Moments before show time, the lights dimmed per usual and the fan erupted into cheers. The band members came out on stage one by one, all wearing matching outfits; black pants and a white button up shirt with a black tie. The band begun playing The Bureau and shortly as the song kicked off, Way made his way on stage wearing a blue suite with a red button down shirt and red tie, matching his flame red hair. As soon as he came on stage, roses were flying toward him, being hurled by the loving fans. By the second song, Action Cat, the whole room was jumping up and down to the groove. Beach balls were being tossed around in the crowd, every now and then making their way up on stage where Way would hit or kick it back into the crowd.

“Los Angeles! It’s nice to see you again. Thank you for coming out tonight. Who came out last night?” Way asked as fans screamed back at him.

“That was a good time…do you think we could have a better time tonight? You just gotta push a little more.” After having the crowd give it up for The Eeries who were the tour openers, Way and his band went into Millions. As the set progressed, the energy in the room became more and more infectious, more and more people jumping and dancing and singing along.

After a good cardio workout from all the jumping and dancing, the band slowed things down with a cover of James Cecil’s The Water Is Wide (O Waly, Waly). The lights were dimmed for most of the song, showing just a small spotlight on Way, focusing on the song and lyrics. They brought the energy back up with a more poppy song, Brother. The band performed several more songs before ending their 14 song set with a cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Snakedriver.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg