Philm Light Up Hollywood


October 16, 2014

Whisky A Go-Go- Los Angeles, CA

        Philm, featuring legendary drummer Dave Lombardo formerly of Slayer, played a show at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go as a release party for their new album, Fire From the Evening Sun which was released on September 16, 2014. The Hollywood crowd eagerly waited to see the band then them chanting, “Dave! Dave! Dave!” well before the band took to the stage. Surprisingly, the venue was about half full. It was empty to where they closed the upstairs area and everyone was sent to the floor area. At least having everyone on the floor didn’t make it feel so empty with everyone scattered around the venue.

Philm_-14At 11pm, Philm went on stage and the trio of musicians delivered a stellar performance. Philm’s music has an array of different styles of music. From thrash metal, to funk, to classic rock, to jazz and all was mixed together to make some awesome music. Philm opened their set with the first single from their new album which is also the title track, Fire From the Evening Sun.  The band had an energetic vibe throughout the whole night. Being one of the greatest metal drummers of all time and the godfather of double bass drumming, Dave Lombardo was nothing short of amazing. One could hear the different influences in Dave’s drumming simply by listening. Frontman Gerry Nestler had a wide arrange of vocals varying from clean singing, to screaming, to harsh vocals making his voice sound different for each song. From sounding melodic to something spooky. The crowd was mix of calm people and people cheering and screaming. You could clearly tell some people were Slayer fans since they were wearing Slayer shirts. Watching Dave Lombardo drumming is always mesmerizing. He moves so fast and hearing him beat his drums so hard that your ears feel like they’re about to explode hurts yet is satisfying to feel. There were hardly any breaks in-between songs so they just played song after song only pausing a couple of times to thank the crowd for coming out. Philm is a fun band to see live and should be seen by fans of rock and even Slayer fans that get to see a different side of Dave Lombardo.

Review by: Misael Ruiz

Interview with Dave Lombardo coming soon…