Linkin Park Celebrates Guitar Center’s 50th Anniversary at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA

Linkin Park
October 24, 2014
Wiltern Theatre- Los Angeles, CA

      It was Friday night and lines wrapped around the Wiltern Theatre full of anxious fans, waiting impatiently to see one of the biggest bands in the world, Linkin Park, perform an intimate set for Guitar Center’s 50th Anniversary. As fans walked through security, they were handed free tickets to the show and ran to get a close spot near the stage. Guitar Center, KROQ Radio station and DirectTV all gave tickets away to die-hard fans to attend.

As fans packed into the venue, awaiting Linkin Park to perform at 9, with no opener before them, they were surrounded with camera’s flying overhead; The show would be filmed by DirectTV and will premier on December 7, 2014 as part of Guitar Center Sessions. The night kicked off with Catalyst/Requiem which introduced Guilty All The Same, the first single off the band’s latest album, The Hunting Party. Lead singers Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda wasted no time pumping the crowd up, going straight into hit after hit with Given Up, One Step Closer, Rebellion and Castle of Glass. The band stopped to mention that they Linkin Park_-26were also celebrating an anniversary, the release of their very first album, Hybrid Theory which turned 14 that day. Although the venue was so such smaller than the arenas they usually play at, their production was still there and it was mind blowing. Huge screens filled the back of the stage and projected different images and videos as the set progressed.The band was giving fans, new and old songs off of all their albums, something everyone could rock out to.

About half way through the set, DJ Joe Hahn had the spotlight on him as he was the only one on stage and gave everyone a mind blowing solo which had everyone jumping up and down and feeling like they were at a rave. Following the solo, the band played a couple more songs before Shinoda asked the crowd if anyone has heard of Fort Minor, Shinoda’s side project. As the fan’s cheered a big “yes”, Shinoda went into his song, Remember The Name where he had everyone rapping along. From Hahn’s rave to Shinoda’s rap, fans could experience many genres, done by one great band. The set continued with Numb which began as the remix that features Jay-Z but then continued to the actual version which had fans singing along with Bennington and the pain from the lyrics. The band then performed In The End and Faint with featured a longer outro and the band exited the stage.

As cheered echoed through the Wiltern Theatre, the band finally came back on stage to perform 7 more hits beginning with Lost in the Echo, New Divide and Crawling. The fans were more excited than ever, and everyone was jumping up and down, signing along verbatim. Shinoda rapped With You and then the band performed Until It’s Gone, What I’ve Done and finished the fantastic night with Bleed it Out. 

Linkin Park is a band that anyone can enjoy; they merge genres, provide an amazing live shows and are some of the most humble and down to earth people. The band not only gives us great music, but they have their own non-profit organization called Music For Relief which is currently fighting Ebola among other issues and are constantly giving fans amazing opportunities to see them live.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

Linkin Park