Breathe Carolina kick off The Friend Zone Tour in Seattle

The Friend Zone Tour
October 27, 2014
Neumos- Seattle, WA

      The Friend Zone tour kicked off this week and we were able to catch them on the first day at Neumos in Seattle, WA! The Friend Zone Tour features bands and DJ’s such as Breathe Carolina, Candyland, and Finch. The show started at 8pm and there were lots of people in line by the time we got there. This concert drew in all sorts of people from ravers to metal fans and plenty of the fans were tipsy before the show even started.

f (1 of 1)-26Finch was the first DJ to come on and crowd was kinda slow at first but eventually started to dance despite a few technical problems towards the end of his set. The next person who came on was another DJ called Candyland, and the crowd went wild the second he came on stage. He mixed popular old songs and new songs which had the crowd singing along to most of them.

Breathe Carolina were the last to come on and I was surprised at how fast the set changing times were between every act, it never took more than 5-10 minutes. When Breathe Carolina came on the entire crowd screamed in excitement and Breathe Carolina started to play  there hit song Savages off there new album Savages! They played both new songs and old songs from there albums but they all sounded new because there wasn’t any screams, which used to be provided by now ex-singer Kyle Even. Instead of screaming during parts of the songs they replaced it with sick drops which if very different for them, but nonetheless super cool. The crowd was dancing and moshing throughout the entire show which ended at about 11pm and everyone ran outside to meet the band. The band stayed outside till about 12am meeting everyone that wanted to meet them like they said they would after every show. If this show is coming to your town don’t miss it!

Review by: Sarina Solem

Breathe Carolina