The Bay To The Universe Tour Finally Found Its Way To Emerald City

November 24, 2014
Showbox Sodo- Seattle, WA

      The Bay To The Universe Tour is a lineup of rappers from the southern regions of California that surround the bay also known as the Bay Area. The Lineup features performers such as G-Eazy, E-40, and Jay Ant. The tour had finally reached Showbox Sodo on November 24, 2014 after hitting several other cities for the past month.
Fans arrived at the venue as early as 8am and waited in the cold and rain for 12 hours to see their favorite performers and the show did not disappoint. The show started at about 8pm with a rapper called Jay Ant. Jay Ant has worked with both of the other acts and has a song with G-Eazy called Far Alone that has millions of views on Youtube. The fans didn’t know many of his songs but they sure seemed to enjoy the show except for the few fans that were already having to be pulled out of the crowd because of how packed the sold out show was; some fans were even having panic attacks so if you’re in this situation be careful and drink plenty of water because you don’t wan’t it ruin your night.
geazy (10)The next rapper to perform was E-40 who has performed with many well known rappers such as Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dog. E-40 really connected with the fans reaching out for their hands and having them sing along to their hit songs such as Red Cup which was one of the many hit songs along with I Don’t Fuck With You, a song they collaborated with Big Sean that has been very popular on the radio recently.
The next person and final person to perform was Gerald Earl Gillum also known as G-Eazy and the crowd began to scream in excitement as the countdown clock began to tick down. He started of the night with one of his well known songs Downtown Love next to a giant screen that was all white and all you could see was the outline of him in his leather ensemble and the crowd sung at the top of their lungs throughout the entire song. Many of the fans at the show were girls and during the show many bras would be thrown at him and he would laugh with a grin on his face which he had on his face the entire night because he was so happy that the fans had sold the show out months in advance. During his 23 song set he played many of his hit songs such as I Mean It, Monica Lewinsky and also had an outfit change where came out in all white ensemble. He brought out surprise guest Bobby Brackins for their song Hot Box and a good majority of the crowd started to light up and the venue was soon filled with smoke. G-Eazy ended the night with a bang, he jumped in the crowd and sang with the crowd to his last song of the night Loaded while confetti and balloons fell into the crowd! The tour is almost over and if you didn’t make it to a show you missed out so next time you have the chance to see these performers make it out the show because you wont regret it.

Review by: Ashley Goodrich



Jay Ant