Fans Go Wild For Circa Survive In Los Angeles

Circa Survive
November 29, 2014
Club Nokia- Los Angeles, CA

      Circa Survive is a rock band from Pennsylvania and they are out on tour to support the release of their new album, Descensus, which was released on November 24th, 2014. Fans at the packed Club Nokia in Los Angeles of varying ages were all set and ready.
Circa Survive started things off nicely as the lights went off, the fans went wild, and the rock quintet made their way to the stage. Frontman Anthony Green was the most wild member of the night as he ran around and jumped on stage while singing and twirling his microphone. Both guitarists had their own fun of going Edit-15crazy on stage while staying on their perspective side of the stage. Bassist Nick Beard stayed in the far back alongside drummer Steve Clifford as they both attempted to have their own spotlight without being forgotten. The fans themselves were very energetic. As the night went on, the fans were screaming and singing along to the lyrics and there were quite a few crowd surfers.
Halfway through the show, Anthony Green took a jab at Arizona where they were playing next to say how dusty the state is to which the crowd responded with laughter. Their setlist was a good mix of old and new material with a few tracks from the new record making an appearance. Circa Survive had a very energetic vibe during their live performance to which a lot of it they received from their loyal fan-base. The show ended and Circa Survive waved goodbye, but the fans weren’t ready go home just yet. To no surprise, Circa Survive came out to finish their show by choosing Get Out as their encore. For his final words, Anthony Green said they’d be back real soon for another chance to see the Los Angeles crowd being one of his favorite performing spots.
Review by: Misael Ruiz

Circa Survive