Moving On Tour ft. Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall & Chelsea Grin Comes To Canada

Moving On Tour ft. Asking Alexandria
December 10, 2014
Imperial- Quebec City, Canada

       It was during our first little snowstorm of the season that the venue ‘L’imperial saw the Moving On Tour. When the doors opened the fans went crazy. It so nice to see more shows coming to Quebec City, it’s becoming more and more of a tour destination; therefore the Imperial was full to the brim of enthusiastic music concert goers. Sadly, Upon a Burning Body weren’t able to make it to the show because of some mechanical problems with their bus. The Family Ruin, Chelsea Grin, Blessthefall and Asking Alexandria still ended up playing an amazing show.
The Family Ruin opened the night with some crazy energy on stage. Not a lot of people knew the band, but at the end of their set, people seemed all under the charm of the UK opener. Chelsea Grin was next on the list to hit the stage. Kids went crazy at the sight of Alex Koehler, the singer. The band set up the bar askindalexandria01-2extremely high for the next bands of the night. I wish Chelsea Grin had played 2 or 3 more songs because their presence and energy was addictive.
Now it was Blessthefall’s turn to set the stage on fire. As soon as the first musician of the band stepped on stage, kids started to scream. When Beau Bokan, the singer, made his appearance, that’s the moment that the energy in the room skyrocketed. Jumping all over the place, every member of BTF was on fire. Bokan took the time to talk with the crowd here and there between songs, and even played his invention, the High-five game with his fans. All over the place we could see people crowd surfing to get front stage and to give a high-five the performer. Blesstefall never disappoint when it comes to performing on stage and they surely didn’t let us down that night.
After these two remarkable opening acts, the crowd was ready and impatiently waiting for the arrival of Asking Alexandria. As the final act of the night, AA knew how to impress the crowd. Their production, the lights and the gigantic banner were one for the books for the size of this venue. Lights off, the last set of the night started. The crowd erupted into an uncontrollable roar when the band members, accompanied by their lead singer Danny Worsnop, stepped onto the stage. The energy in the room was most definitely palpable. Until the last note from AA’s set, the crowd was very receptive, and the band gave it their all.
The evening was a hit, from the energetic opening act to the smashing performance from Asking Alexandria. A pleased crowd left the venue that night already hoping for a next exciting show to stop in Quebec City. If you have the chance to catch this tour, do not miss out!
Review by: Charlie Martel 

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