Tokio Hotel Perform Put On A Private Show For Die Hard Fans

Tokio Hotel
January 15, 2015
Viper Room- Los Angeles, CA

       For a fan, there’s few things better than getting into your favorite band’s show at a 250 capacity venue in Los Angeles, especially when the show is announced less than 24 hours before the doors opened. Tokio Hotel Fans, or Aliens, lined up down the Sunset Strip in front of the famous Viper Room in hopes that they would make it in the doors of a show that has been about 6 years in the making.
After a huge transformation, Tokio Hotel recently released their brand new album Kings of Suburbia, the first music the German band has released since 2009. The Viper Room was full of the biggest super fans – fans that have been with the band since their start in 2001. After giving the fans much to anticipate, the band finally took the stage of the intimate room to play some tunes from the newest record.
Girl Got A Gun had the entire venue dancing – this is my personal favorite song off of Kings of Suburbia. The track really showcases the direction that the band is choosing to take their music, which seems to be a more alternative/pop route. The transformation of the band is truly flawless – they still sound like Tokio Hotel, while at the same time making music that sounds like nothing they’ve ever done before. The band closed the show with their current radio hit, Love Who Loves You Back.
Though the set was short, they left the fans, new and old, begging for more. I’m super excited for what’s to come of Tokio Hotel and their new music – don’t be surprised when they are selling out arenas! Definitely check out a Tokio Hotel show if you have a chance when they come through your city.
Review by: Rachel Martin