Poynte “Discreet Enemy” Album Review

Discreet Enemy

        Atlanta, Georgia’s Poynte, release the follow up to their debut album; One More Day with the February 17th release of Discreet Enemy. The 11 title EPK (Released by THC Music/Ingrooves) offers up a fresh take on metal in this undying scene & promises to keep your head rocking from beginning to end. The album opens up with a 1 minute 15 second ominously, eerie intro that sends chills up the spine and Goosebumps along the arms just before lead vocalist Kenny Hathorne, shows us just what he can do during the track Take Control. By this point this photojournalist was easily hooked.
     Discreet Enemy is packed with instant hits, of in-time guitaring & in sync bass guitar & drums that really pull this album together… Picture Frames (A personal favorite) follows the opening track keeping the heads bobbing and the feet tapping as the drone synths begin this savory track, with some Brazilian beat backing the guitars every step of the way. Continuing the album with Hold On. Hold on being one of those Anthem type songs full of quick double bass faster guitaring and somber lyrics sure to strike a chord in the hearts of fans who hear it instantly.  “Every Day Is all the same; there’s got to be more to this life than living this way; Hold on” Following Hold On, with Aberration (another personal favorite) the track opens up with slight winning of the guitar and slowly bringing in the drums for this seemingly softer track. Then once you get use to the idea; BAM some heavy hard hitting guitar & bass punches you in the gut bringing you back to reality. In rapid succession the album kicked major ass with tracks like Erase Me; Nursery Crimes; Coping & What Will It Take before reaching The Villain.
     The Villain starts off with some processed drums and soft melodic synth guitar, slowly bringing you into the inner workings of the track mentally as your body relaxes to the soothing beat. Enter in some soft female vocals backing Kenny Hathorne & you’re hooked instantly. Last Embrace follows The Villain. Beginning the track with some reverberating, processed synth, throw in a slight crunchy yet melodic guitaring, then blows heads off with that heavy metal-core scream. Before I knew it, I had reached the end of the album with In My Head… This track begins like much of the album. Nothing short of phenomenal… Stabbing synths, bleeding in some melodic keys and BAM in your face guitar, bass & drums coupled with the arioso vocals of Hathorne.
      Discreet Enemy has it all; everything a true metal fan could want in one album. From the in time guitaring from Andrew Davis & Matt Bryant, to the syncopated drumming from Josh Fulcher with the phenomenal baselines of Jake O’Donnell. Last and certainly not the least. The many vocal styling’s of Kenny Hathorne, an amazing accomplishment for Hathorne as he survived a horrible scissor lift accident leaving the lead vocalist with a titanium jaw replacement… Those of you who experience this album will not regret one track. If you’re looking for something new, fresh and refuses to stop at unbelievably prodigious? This band and this album is right up your alley. Buy your copy NOW!
Soundcheck411 Rating: 8/10
Review by: Jared Wingate