Wake The Sun Come Out To Play For LA’s ‘Wicked Souls’

Wake the Sun
February 26, 2015
The Mint- Los Angeles, CA

      New York rockers Wake the Sun are out on their first national club Wicked Souls Tour. They are out to support the release of their first single and video, Wicked Souls as well as their debut EP that will be released on March 24, 2015. They made a stop in Los Angeles at The Mint where fans and newcomers got to experience Wake the Sun’s electrifying performance. They started promptly at 8:45pm and right from the start, they showed that they were full of energy and wakesun-6would not have any dull moments on their shows. They have a traditional rock sound that fans of rock bands such as Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix will appreciate or even if you’re a fan of mainstream rock like The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant.
The crowd themselves seemed to be into them as they clapped, cheered, and even a few got up to dance to their music. Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dillon Mealey was the wildest member of the night as he performed with vocals to precision and jumped around as if you could tell how very happy he was to be out performing on a tour. Drummer Jon Brick was a madman on the drums as he pounded away on the skins like he just didn’t care. All the other members did a fine job of performing their parts as well. It was almost a shame to see the venue itself was partially full as they deserved a much bigger crowd. They had a 30 minute time slot but they made sure they made every minute count and put on a rockin’ performance that even people that were hardly moving were swaying their bodies to the music or rocking out themselves. Wake the Sun has a big and bright future and will for sure carve their name into rock history.
Review by: Misael Ruiz