Motionless In White breaks own the barricades to sell-out Chain Reaction

Motionless in White
March 15, 2015
Chain Reaction- Anaheim, CA

       Returning to their roots, Motionless In White brought their Beyond The Barricade Tour to Anaheim’s legendary all-ages venue, Chain Reaction for back-to-back sold out shows.  Much like the success of their new record, Reincarnate, Motionless In White has drawn comparisons to legendary acts including Marilyn Manson that is surely setting them on the path to immortality.
Hours before Chain Reaction was set to open, hundreds of fans lined up outside the venue donned in heavy makeup and various unique outfits.  As the anticipation grew as each member of MIW made their way into the venue, it was becoming more obvious that Chain as it’s known was going to the setting for another historic show.
Anticipation quickly became reality as the house lights dimmed in tune as heavy amounts of fog consumed the stage while a brief intro echoed over the PA.  A leather face inspired outfit from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre donned by bassist “Ghost” drew a heavy applause from the crowd as he made his way onto the stage, chainsaw in tow until reaching his portion of the stage.  Dark industrial drum beats and noises commenced as eerie stage light bursts erupted from the back of the stage opening up the hour plus set with Death March. The opener to their 2014 record, Death March, introduces a darker but well received approach to song writing.
MIW-10  The title track, Reincarnate, quickly transitioned without any break that saw the Chain crowd instantly turn mental that further continued into Generation Lost.  The set was packed heavy with Break the Cycle, Everybody Sells Cocaine, Dead as Fuck and Unstoppable. New Years Day front woman, Ashley Costello lent her vocals to perform the love/hate ballad Contemptress.
Midway through their set, lead singer Chris Motionless explained to the crowd that while planning out the tour, the band discussed an arena style tour where they could showcase their production or return to their roots and perform at the smaller venues closer to their fans that they called home early in their career. Chris went on to add how great of a feeling it was to return to Chain Reaction for the first time in years and play the same venue that some of his musical heroes, Bleeding Through and Eighteen Visions called home, before dedicating Carry the Torch to them.
Motionless In White dug deep into their catalogue offering up their classics, Creatures, Abigail and Immaculate Misconception that appeased all. The Beyond The Barricade tour lived up to all of its expectations as a marquee Spring tour that never let up from beginning to the end.
    For Today consistently bring the power and intensity each time they step onto the stage.  The success that they have continued to build after releasing Fight the Silence, has earned them a place on the Warped Tour main stage and successful tours. The popular single, Break the Cycle opened their performance that saw numerous stage dives including singer Mattie Montgomery along with guest vocals from K The Screamer. The breakdowns and intensity from the opener only continued while Fight the Silence and Pariah were performed prior to going back into their catalogue with Devastator and Seraphim.
Local heroes, New Years Day who are currently touring in support of their Epidemic EP opened up with The Other Side, that has a Nightmare Before Christmas feel to it. Dark desires led I’m No Good feelings while Ash consistently engaged with her creeps. Defame Me and Let Me Down further showcased NYD’s best work to date that will only further grow their fan base this summer on Warped Tour.  The powerful duet between Ash and Motionless In White singer, Chris rose the dead as quickly as the song started. Just as Chris made his way onto stage midway through the song, crowd surfers hurried themselves towards the stage to join in.  Review by: Robert Fayette 

Motionless In White

New Years Day
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