A Night of Colors and Echo’s in Salt Lake City

March 18, 2015
The Complex- Salt Lake City, UT

     The start of this show was like any other. The crowd had gathered around the block waiting patiently for their turn to be admitted. Doors opened at about 7:00pm and slowly everyone filed either into the show or to the ticket booth, but after about 20 minutes of the doors being open the show sold out. Echosmith and supporting guests The Colourist’s had filled the house, now all they needed to do was fill it with music.
First band to greet the crowd was The Colourist’s own Adam Castilla and Maya Tuttle. With warm smiles and a great mood the band hit it off with their first song of the night Yes Yes. It got a few heads nodding and some feet tapping but what really picked it up was their next song, Fix This. Now this is where heads really started shaking and swaying to the beat. Tuttle’s voice resonated well with the crowd, her light airy vocals were like cotton candy and her percussion was just as sweet. By the time the song ended everyone was clapping and cheering for more. Not one to let the energy drop, The Colourist’s kicked it into high gear with Tonight(Young Hearts). Castilla’s and Tuttle’s voices rang strong as they got the crowd all riled up, the chemistry of the group as a whole really came into light as they kept playing and singing. As they neared the end of their set they played Little Games and closed with a fitting song We Won’t Go Home. The fans and first time listeners alike were stoked at seeing this great band perform, they sent them on their way with cheers and applause.
Echosmith_3/18/15 After a brief intermission it was time for Echosmith to show the crowd what they were made of. Their first song was Ran Off Into The Night, it had a great intro with each member of the band coming in at different parts and finally all coming together to make a truly harmonious song. They didn’t slow down though, after their first song they went right into their second one: Let Live. This song had more energy to it, the crowd got charged up with the upbeat rhythm and charged vocals of Sydney Sierota. After playing a few more songs they took a different turn by playing a cover song by The Talking Heads. Echosmith’s rendition of This Must Be The Place was beautifully done. The sibling quartet definitely stirred some emotions in their fans because as the song kept building up into the chorus the crowd had their hands up, swaying to the beat.
As the venue filled with the sounds of indie pop and synth, there was one more thing it filled with and it was a certain chemistry that Echosmith helped to inspire. Right before the start of their song Come With Me, Sydney and Noah Sierota picked two random people from the crowd to come up and set the mood with their dancing. Luckily it wasn’t hard getting a few of their fans to volunteer. As they started Come With Me, the couple really got into it, swinging each other around and getting to dance next to Echosmith. Naturally, this got the whole room jumping, because nothing is sweeter than a happy ending.
As the show drew to a close, they finished their set with We’re Not Alone and Cool Kids. With the good vibes being given off and an awesome energy from the crowd Echosmith killed it. Their first headlining tour was more than a success, with having sold out not only The Complex’s stage but venue’s in other town’s as well I’m sure we’ll hear from these guys very soon.
Review By: Max Christopher Prada


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