Doro Makes Hollywood Raise Their Fists

March 18, 2015
Whisky A Go Go- Hollywood, CA

    German metal queen Doro released her newest solo album titled Raise Your Fist. After its release, she announced a 30th anniversary tour for the USA and made the legendary Whisky A Go Go her final stop for the tour. Having headliners at the Whisky start close to or past midnight was unusual, especially on a Wednesday night. The crowd seemed to get impatient and grew tiresome as each opening band came and went. At past midnight around 12:20, Doro and her band finally hit the stage. Being the ex-frontwoman for Warlock, it was no surprise that Doro’s setlist for the night contained primarily tunes from her Warlock days. Songs like I Rule the Ruins, Earthshaker Rock, and Burning the Witches all got the crowd going as starters as fans rushed into each other as an attempt to get as close as possible to the metal queen.
dorosc-16 The band was very energetic the whole night as they delivered a classic heavy metal feeling to the masses. Into the show, Doro told the audience that her throat was beaten up from her current tour and was difficult to sing some of the songs. That didn’t seem to stop or slow her down from delivering metal tunes like Raise Your Fist and Pure As Steel. One of the best songs of the night had to be when Unholy Love was performed and it was a beautiful song. The crowd took a small break from getting rowdy to just be enveloped in Doro’s beautiful heavy metal voice that could almost make you cry. As a special treat, Doro played the Wacken Open Air Festival theme titled We Are the Metalheads which the crowd raised their horns and fists to in approval. The crowd favorite, All We Are came into play which featured guest vocals from Jeff Scott Soto and the crowd sang along at the top of their lungs. After that, Doro and her band broke out their cover of Judas Priest’s Breaking the Law and Doro let the crowd sing the chorus and the venue was filled with people singing, “Breaking the Law! Breaking the Law!” Tommy Bolan who used to be in Warlock with Doro came out for the last few songs to jam just like old times. Doro couldn’t believe it’s been 30 years since she first came into the metal scene and was so happy by the crowd’s response that she looked like she was about to cry. This was for sure an unforgettable night and Los Angeles awaits the return of the queen of metal.
Review by: Misael Ruiz