This Will Destroy You Prove To Los Angeles That Words Aren’t Needed

This Will Destroy You
March 20, 2015
The Roxy Theatre- Los Angeles, CA

      This Will Destroy You’s Spring Tour MMXV had its third show at the Roxy Theatre on Friday night for a sold out show. The line began to form around an hour before doors at 8. People in the front of the line were all discussing the headlining band, the last time they’d seen them, and how they felt about the most recent album.
When the door open everyone headed inside, securing a spot for the rest of the night. From the hour between doors and Cymbals Eat Guitars‘ set, people continued to file in, the room becoming more and more crowded. Cymbals Eat Guitars, the four piece indie rock band from Staten Island, opened the show with an ThisWillDestroyYou7energetic set. They’re a different mood than what we know is coming with TWDY mostly just due to the fact that listening to music with lyrics versus the instrumental of the headliner is just very different. It seemed as if Cymbals Eat Guitars had just as many fans in the crowd as This Will Destroy You which is always something great to see on a tour with only a couple bands.
After a slight mixup from the lighting guys with Cymbals Eat Guitars, trying to cut them off a song too soon but it was quickly fixed. Once their set was actually finished it was a quick change over to This Will Destroy You, the band out of San Marcos, TX. It had been a little over a year since the band had been back in Los Angeles and it was clear that they were missed. There’s something about the way the band moves people with their music and just their music. The show was a perfect example of the power of instruments by bringing people to tears with no words at all. It leaves their sound open to interpretation which lets everyone have a more personal connection with the songs. It wasn’t until nearly an hour into the atmospheric music filling the Roxy that the band spoke out to the crowd, simply to say thank you for coming out and quickly mention that if there was anyone in the crowd with some weed that they wanted to share…the band had just run out of their own supply. The band ended after an encore of a couple songs, inviting everyone to come hang out with them at the merch table or either outside smoking but not before thanking the crowd a few more times and promising to be back soon, “playing some new shit..or the same old shit.”
Review by: Marissa Sandoval 

This Will Destroy You

Cymbals Eat Guitars