Sparkling Madly In The Moonlight With Magic Man

Magic Man
March 25, 2015
El Rey Theater- Los Angeles, CA

      After moving through Colorado, Magic Man made a stop at El Rey Theater here in Los Angeles on their first national headlining tour. With Vinyl Theater and Great Good Fine Ok as openers, this isn’t a show you can expect to ever be standing still for. While each being different in their own way, each band plays the type of music that refuses to let you not dance.
    Vinyl Theater started off the night, paying homage to LA’s lovely weather by mentioning that it finally feels right to play their song Summer. After their set, Great Good Fine Ok took the stage and similarly to Vinyl Theater’s frontman, Keegan Calmes, Jon Sandler of the second opener never stood still. Donning anMagicMan5 all gold outfit it was impossible to not watch as he jumped about the stage, genuinely amazing anyone who had never heard the songs before by the range his voice possesses. Previously fans or not, the entire crowd took the opportunity to join in on singing Great Gook Fine Ok’s drummer, Danny a Happy Birthday after Sandler announced it was that night.
The previously calm crowd all pushed forward when the headliner took the stage. Credit has to be given where due to whoever designed the lights for this tour because it added to the entire show, bright and colorful just like the music being played. There wasn’t a person in the crowd, give or take a few parents who were dragged along, that didn’t know every word to every song that Magic Man was performing. Surprisingly enough, many actually knew the words to a ‘brand new’ song, assumedly from seeing videos of previous tour dates. If Energizer is ever taking auditions for new Energizer Bunnies I would highly recommend Alex Caplow. The front man almost never stood still, even when he wasn’t singing he’d be dancing along to the song still on stage. It seemed as though Caplow made a point of making eye contact with everyone in the crowd, no matter how close or how far from the stage they were. After leaving the stage, the band returned for a two song encore including a cover of Jimmy Eats World’s The Middle and their single Paris.
This first headlining tour is halfway done so if you’re not able to catch this one you can wait along with the rest of us for the next headlining tour which is sure to have more dates as Magic Man’s fanbase continues to grow daily.
Review by: Marissa Sandoval 

Magic Man

Great Good Fine Ok
Vinyl Theater