Jessie Ware Brings Classic Love Songs Back On The Radar

Jessie Ware
April 8, 2015
Wiltern Theater- Los Angeles, CA

     “You better not be fuckin’ about, this is going to end badly if you’re fuckin’ about…Mazel Tov, there you go, you’re engaged. Are you on drugs? Oh, you are.” English singer and songwriter Jessie Ware laughs as she dismisses the proposal neither she nor the crowd are quite sure is legitimate or not after explaining to everyone at The Wiltern that she had began letting people get engaged at her shows after the first one happened on the New York City date this tour.
The last stop on her North American Tough Love tour stopped in Los Angeles where Ware, despite all night apologizing for being ill and raspy voiced, performed her entire seventeen song set list to an enthusiastic crowd, explaining at one point that they were “the yappiest lot” after a long applause following her song Want Your Feeling. Her surprise of the night was Miguel taking the stage with her to perform her song Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe with her, causing the crowd to go wild.
Ware started the show off by thanking everyone for showing up when Ariana Grande was just around the corner performing at The Forum though it was clear that there wasn’t a single person in the crowd regretting their choice of the two. One thing that was clear at the show was how grateful Ware is to be able to perform shows like these, there were times it seemed where she’d just take in the crowd. She appreciated every single person there, interacting with everyone as much as she could, taking phones that were on FaceTime to people unable to attend, and even grabbing a demo from someone in the crowd.
Ending the show with her single Say You Love Me, she added a last thank you to the crowd, “I’m not feeling the best tonight and you’ve just made it one of the best nights of the tour.”
Review by: Marissa Sandoval