Adelitas Way “Deserve This” EP Review

Adelitas Way
Deserve This EP Review

     This phenomenal album starts off with the title track Deserve This. First you hear the whine of the guitar, then the percussion kicks in with a kick-ass Brazilian beat that immediately sends the head bobbing… Pretty soon you hear, Andrew Cushing’s quick bass fingering; hitting the scales with amazing speed and in syncopation with the guitar, followed by the amazing powerhouse vocals from DeJesus. The vocal styling of DeJesus (in my humble opinion) can only be described as if scientists made a human by using the DNA from, Pete Loeffler (Chevelle) & Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) to create the perfect Vocalist. Three quarters through the track you hear a brilliant little guitar solo by the amazingly talented Robert Zakayan.
Track 2, I Get Around on the EP begins with, Rick DeJesus repeating the lyrics “Yeah, I Get Around.” Before the music kicks in; hardcore & in your face. It slows down quickly the lyrics before picking back up with a kick to the face type of pace for the chorus, “Truth is yeah I get around; Truth is yeah you get around” The track slows down even slower with just the drums keeping beat while DeJesus sings along, the bass comes back in followed by the guitar with a little distortion filter added to it giving it an awesome touch to the track.

The 3rd track Filthy Heart starts off with a real hard guitaring; including subtle yet prominent blues undertones. Accompanied by bass and snare drums striking 2×2; alongside the synced bass guitar. By the 7th second into the track all the instruments come together to form something prodigiously outstanding. 20 seconds into the track, it slows down dramatically to produce something even more astonishing. And all of this before we begin to hear the amazing lyricist sing. Once DeJesus’s vocals kick in I am immediately throw back to my chair with the disbelief of the many different vocal styling this guy can produce with-in the first 3 tracks alone. This easily became this photojournalist’s favorite on the EP.
Harbor The Fugitive, follows Filthy Heart on the EP. Starting off with guitar reminiscent of 90’s band Spin Doctors but only briefly. This track, like all of the others is nothing short of preeminent. This track, like all the others; will easily become a fan favorite. Not much I can say about this amazing track that you won’t be able to cipher for yourself; except LISTEN TO IT!
Sadly the 5th and final track on the EP left me wanting more. “Sometimes You’re Meant to Get Used” starts out with just a single guitar and then it happens BAM. A hard rocking punch to the face that sent this photojournalist saying DAMN! Very quick drumming, guitaring & bass playing blows wigs back. Soon the the music slows down quite a bit as the lyrics come into play. Did this track become another personal favorite from off the EP? You fucking bet it did! Wasn’t long before the chorus kicked in and took the track into a different direction before heading to verse 2.
This Photojournalist was left in awe by the album. But sad at the same time, as all I wanted was MORE. Pick this EP up as soon as possible from whatever source you use. And mark my words. You’re Gonna Love This Shit! Rock the way we love it!
Review by: Jared Wingate

Soundcheck411 Rating: 9/10