Review Of Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts “Blaster”

Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts!
BLASTER Album Review

        Scott Weiland, does it again ladies and gents. Blaster, the new 12 track LP is something his true fans can be proud of. This album has it all, including an amazing cover of T-Rex’s, 1973 chart topping hit single, 20th Century Boy. The album starts off with Modzilla & what can only be described as “Classic Weiland”. Wonderfully written, sensationally sung & prodigiously performed. This track is nothing short of Marvelous!
The album continues with The Way She Moves. The Way She Moves begins with a kick-drum & snare hit and goes immediately into some heavy southern rock riffs peppered in with a dash of swinging blues. Hotel Rio succeeded the 2nd track with cha-cha beat on percussion, coupled with handclaps. Very catchy from the get-go & a definite head bobbing track from the beginning straight to the very end. Amethyst begins with some haunting lead guitar by the late, great Jeremy Brown. 13 seconds into the track you hear the unmistakably alluring vocals from Weiland, southing your soul with his velvety voice.
scott-weiland-and-the-wildabout-blaster-album-cover-art-480x4805th tack, White Lighting is one of the hardest tracks on the album. This phenomenal song kicks off with some heavy drumming; crunchy bass, & crispy guitar in a swing type of fashion. All the while Weiland sings his heart out, giving us everything we have been longing for, that can again only be described as “Classic Weiland”.  6th track in with Blue Eyes; it quickly become evident that this is one of those rare albums (Not rare for Weiland though) that you can listen to all the way through, without skipping one melody. One hit right after another, Bleed out; Youth Quake; Beach Pop & Parachute.
Parachute, the 2nd hardest track on this remarkably sensational & preternatural album steps in with some light hits on the cymbal & blows you away with the grungy guitar and bass while the drums play in syncopation throughout most of the track. Feeling this song to the bone, you can’t help but sit back and listen closely to what he is saying through his euphemisms; giving you goosebumps as you listen through.
11th track on the album and we reach an unparalleled cover of 20th Century Boy. 20th Century Boy is just one of those classic tracks that are hard to beat when covering. They were made perfect to begin with… So what in the world could make it better? Well the answer is 20th Century Boy, being sung by the one and only Scott Weiland…
The album ends with Circles. Circles immediately welling my eyes up with tears by the music; let alone the lyrics that grab you by the heart & gives it an encouraging squeezes it tight. Like a somber goodbye to an old friend. The song begins with the whine Jeremy Brown’s slide guitar & midway through the track, you begin to hear the picking on his banjo while the slide guitar in the background adding to the sadness of this phenomenal hit.
Jeremy Brown, passed on at age 34, one day before Blaster’s release. Scott Weiland dedicated the album to Brown’s memory. Jeremy Brown will be forever missed for days to come as we JAM the album in his honor.

R.I.P Jeremy Brown.

Soundcheck411 Rating: 10/10

Review by: Jared Wingate