Late Nite Reading Perform In Massachusetts

This Is All Now, Carter Hulsey, and Late Nite Reading
May 12, 2015
Cuisine En Locale- Somerville, MA

       The Cuisine En Locale located in Somerville, MA opened in 2013, but the function hall has been open since last February. In the last few months a local promoter has been booking quite a few shows here instead of in Cambridge or even Boston. Currently, there isn’t a MBTA T stop in Somerville, but it is in the works and should be done in a few years. In time, you can expect the Cuisine En Locale to be the play for bands to want to play in Massachusetts.
Paper Hearts is a local band from Eastern Massachusetts. They are a pop-punk/rock band that plays shows in New England. They will be releasing an EP later the spring/summer that will include their song, Follow You. They were the first band of the night to play, and it appeared as it was one of their first live performances. They played a few original songs along with some covers, including a song from Maroon 5.
The Fairview is a four-piece from Dighton-Rehoboth, MA. Last year they released their self-titled EP, including the songs It’s Been Real, Broad-Way, Fats Times, and Does Anybody Mind. They played a 30 minute set and kept the energy up for the bands to follow. The Fairview has been around longer than Paper Hearts, and some of the fans have seen them before.
Premier is a four-piece from Quincy, MA and were founded in 2011. They have performed at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, as well as playing with The Wonder Years, and A Very GK! Holiday Festival. They have also opened for bands like Major League, State Champs, Real Friends, and Teddy Geiger. They are on an independent label and lay rock/pop-punk music. Their full-length, Set Against, was released last year and was produced by Gary Cioffi (Transit, Four Year Strong). They played a 30 minute set with the fans dancing and singing along. The band members from the first two bands were also in the crowd supporting Premier.
Late Nite Reading_-3 This Is All Now is a pop/rock band from Long Island, NJ who were formed in 2012. They released 3 singles in 2013 and 2014, Criminal of Love, Another, Not Over You, HIMYM, Rewind, and their hit Superman. They have released 2 EP’s Live It Up (2013), Supernova! (2012). They released their full-length, Nightmare, last July. This isn’t the first time This Is All Now has opened for Late Nite Reading. Last year, they opened for them when they both opened for Hollywood Ending. TIAN played a very energetic set, and they fans were thrilled to see them play. Most of them knew all the words to Supernova, TIAN’s hit.
Carter Hulsey is a singer-songwriter from Joplin, Missouri. He has released 3 albums, his latest , Drive Out, was released last February. Hulsey could be compared to Ed Sheeran, but more indie than pop. He did slow the energy down, but it still moved people. Hulsey was onstage by himself, expect for the song that he had Braintree native Nick Santino join him on stage for. Hulsey played beautiful songs with some religious context, but nothing that made it off putting for those not religious. He also had fun with the audience, have LNR getting him a beer, and joking that if he put the fans to sleep then his job was done. Carter Hulsey was definitely, the surprise of the tour, and everything should check out his music. He is on tour with Late Nite Reading until May 26.
Late Nite Reading are from Indiana and were formed in 2009. They have released 3 singles, Blank Space/Girls, Die Young, Pumped Up Kicks, and 3 EP’s, Dedicated To Deadlines (2011), Walls (2013), Ecstasy (March 10, 2015). This is LNR’s first headliner and started on May 11th in New York and runs into May 30th in Ohio. They are playing down the east coast and part of the Midwest. Carter Hulsey is playing a majority of the dates, and The Millenium are playing the remainder of the dates. This Is All Now is laying until May 17th, then Backseat Goodbye will be playing the remainder of the dates as well. LNR is a three-piece made-up of Dalton Wixom on vocals, Clayton Collins on lead guitar, and Brady Szuhaj on bass. They played for a little under an hour, and the show started off good. They ran into some sound issues after the first song of the set. The sound while aggravating to the band, didn’t seem to bother the fans as much. The fans were singing along and dancing on the dance floor. The downside to the Cuisine En Locale being a new music venue is that the sound system probably has some kinks that need to be worked out. But, the band made up for the sound in their performance.
Review by: Meaghan Brown 

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