Despite Metal Alliance Cancellation, Deicide Continues To Raise Hell

June 9, 2015
Regent Theater- Los Angeles, CA

      Deicide embarked on a tour as headliners for this year’s Metal Alliance tour. Due to unforeseen financial issues, the Metal Alliance tour was cancelled halfway through the tour with Entombed A.D. and Svart Crown being dropped from the tour and Deicide continuing on with Hate Eternal, Black Crown Initiate, and Lorna Shore. Even by the time Deicide came on stage, you could see how ticket sales were affected due to the Regent Theater’s capacity only being about half full to where the above area was closed off to keep everyone on the bottom Floor. No less, the Los Angeles fans in attendance were there on a Tuesday night to enjoy themselves some Satanic tunes from the death metal legends from Florida, Deicide!

Deicide came on stage to a loud and crowded floor full of dedicated fans. They started the show with Homage For Satan as frontman/bassist Glen Benton belted deicidesc-19out his diabolical vocals which filled the entire venue with lyrics for his hatred for God and all things religion. The crowd soon followed with a mosh pit and so was the start of an evil night. Following the first song, Deicide continued with the fan-favorite, Dead By Dawn; a track from their self-titled debut album which was inspired from the film, Evil Dead. For the third song, Deicide chose another fan-favorite, Once Upon the Cross from one of their best albums of the same name. You could hear the crowd sing along for the intro as fans sang along to “Fear him, fear him, fear him, fear him, Satan!” After playing Scars of the Crucifix, Benton stopped for a quick speech then introduced the next song from the Once Upon the Cross album, When Satan Rules His World followed by another crowd favorite, Serpents of the Light. The crowd stayed active with mosh pits going on the whole night while others were enjoying it their own way by smoking, hanging out with friends, and of course drinking alcohol.

With Deicide releasing their newest In the Minds of Evil album in November 2013, a few tracks from that album made the list such as: In the Minds of Evil, Thou Begone, and Godkill. Benton took a quick break one again to give a speech about touring, then teased the fans with a guitar pick saying he only has one, but gave it to a lucky fan anyway then proceeded to thank the fans for coming out. Deicide continued on with more blistering Satanic and anti-religious songs like: They Are the Children of the Underworld, Trifixion, Death to Jesus, and Blame It on God. The crowd seemed to get crazier and crazier with each song that Deicide played and the mosh pit went from a few people, to a large portion of the floor constantly moving. It was time for the show to come to an end and Benton told the crowd that they should know this one and the ended the show with Sacrificial Suicide from their debut album and caused the biggest and craziest mosh pit of the night with almost everyone on the floor joining in making for an impressive sight. Deicide finished the show and left while the crowd chanted their name and screamed in satisfaction. There’s nothing quite like being at a death metal show on a weekday to let off some steam from everyday life

Review by: Misael Ruiz