Love And A .38 Bassist Commemorated Into Hard Rock Cafe Hall Of Fame

Love and a .38
June 25, 2015
Hard Rock Cafe- Los Angeles, CA

      Los Angeles-based rockers Love and a .38 played an intimate gig at the Hard Rock Café at Universal Citywalk. The occasion? Bassist Justin Emord had the honor of having one of his bass guitars be put on display at the Hard Rock Café along with hundreds of other rock memorabilia. There were also giveaways that night and all proceeds would go to Adopt the Arts to help music education programs in Los Angeles.

lovesc-12The show started with the unveiling of Emord’s bass guitar and then a small introduction to the band. Love and a .38 came on stage to play a short set and opened their show with an energetic tune. The rock quartet had a great stage presence which was very energetic. Each member contributed nicely and played their instruments very well. Guitarist Domo Domaracki would shred on his guitar and fling his hair around while drummer Danny Excess would pound away on his drums, leaving him covered in sweat not too long into the performance. Halfway through the set, Emord came down from the stage and went around the whole Hard Rock Café in a circle to say hello to everyone in the building. Other songs on their setlist included: Just a Woman, Lovely Lies, and even a cover of Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night.

For a few songs, frontman Ryan Hudson would bring out a tambourine to jam along with his bandmates and would dance around while doing so. Towards the end of the show, Hudson took the time to congratulate Emrod on his achievement as well announce plans for the new album’s release and then the band proceeded to play their final song, which is currently nameless. Love and a .38 are coming back from a short break and will no doubt put themselves back on the map just as they took their place as part of the long history of the Hard Rock Café.

Review by: Misael Ruiz