Aerosmith Sells Out State Farm Arena In Hidalgo, TX

June 30, 2015
State Farm Arena- Hidalgo, TX

      It was a beautiful evening pulling into the State Farm Arena in the small South Texas town of Hidalgo… The parking attendants were in their places, directing cars into the empty lot. A few people showed up early to stand in line, ever anxious to see Americas Greatest Rock and Roll Band perform for them live. The night opened up with New York Cities very own, Living Colour. Living Colour formed in 1984, and quickly rose to popular fame in 1988 with their Grammy winning, debut album; Vivid… Living Colour started their evening off with Funny Vibe. Funny Vibe is the 6th track off the debut album & was performed flawlessly for the delightfully awakened crowd. The phenomenal track is based around the Racial Unrest that has plagued the U.S. for hundreds of years & touching base on stereotypes said race issues have created. Personally the song couldn’t have been played at better time, specifically surrounding recent events.

The band continued on with Love Rears Its Ugly Head. A jazzy little ditty synchronized drumming by Will Calhoun. Phenomenal guitar riffs by founding member, band leader, primary songwriter Vernon Reid… Reid was named No. 66 on Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. This was quite evident by the mind-blowing chords Reid was ripping through on this amazingly well written song. Lest we forget the amazing vocal stylings by actor & lead singer Corey Glover (No Relation) & the amazing bassist Doug Wimbish. After Love Rears Its Ugly Head the band continued their musical onslaught, pounding the crowd with an unparalleled performance of Ignorance Is Bliss, the second track off their 3rd studio album Stain. Directly after, the band continued on with Open Letter (To a Landlord). The 5th track of the debut album. And as you can imagine, it is indeed a song directed to slumlords that do what they do best by taking advantage of those who are less fortunate. Corey Glover belted out the lyrics:

JHW_0557Now you can tear a building down; but you can’t erase a memory… These houses may look all run down, but they have a value you can’t see…”

Living Colour continued on with another single off the Grammy award winning debut album Vivid with Glamor Boys... Glamor Boys hit the charts at No. 31 on Billboard’s Hot 100 & Mainstream Rock Tracks with No. 26. Continuing their phenomenally impeccable set with Middle Man. Yet another chart topping single of the smash debut album. In succession the band played Type, and ended the night with, Cult of Personality. Their No 1. Single of the Grammy winning album. Sending the crowd into an excited frenzy as the opening riff caught the attention of every fan there. The audience cheered the band as they made their way back stage to relax after playing an immaculate set for the sold out Hidalgo, Tx crowd.

The fans became anxious as they waited for the Bad Boys of Boston to hit the stage. The music over the loud speakers slowly faded as the lights dimmed to a black void. The photographers were being lead into the photo-pit as a voice comes over the loud speakers asking: “HIDALGO, TEXAS! ARE YOU READY FOR AEROSMITH!!? The crowd instantly goes wild, standing to their feet & throwing their hands in the air applauding the band before the show even begins. Aerosmith formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1970. Joe Perry & Tom Hamilton were originally in The Jam Band. Later meeting up with singer, pianist; Steven Tyler, drummer Joey Kramer & guitarist Ray Tabano forming Aerosmith… Tabano was later replaced by Brad Whitford in 1971. The band began garnering a major fan basis in the Boston music scene & since skyrocketed into Superstardom; becoming one of the greatest rock bands in American history selling over 150 million records worldwide.

Joey Kramer was the first to hit the stage; being lead out by flashlight from a stagehand & took his place behind an old familiar friend, his drum-set… Kramer began pounding out the beginning beat to Draw The Line. All of the sudden BAM, like magic; the lights flash, Joe Perry & Steven Tyler are at the end of the catwalk performing up close to the fans sitting directly in-front of them. Tom Hamilton walked on stage off towards stage right; ripping his bass-lines for the entire front row while Brad Whitford stayed primarily on stage lefts side killing it with his rhythm guitaring… Aerosmith made themselves known to the sold out State Farm Arena of 6000, and that very crowd of 6000 was receiving the Bad Boys from Boston very well.

Aerosmith followed up with Draw the Line with Love in an Elevator; the band’s lead single off their 10th studio album Pump. Aerosmith performed the chart topper with precision and sent goosebumps down the arms of thousands, like they were hearing it again for the first time. Women began screaming as Tyler strutted his stuff up and down the footway during the hit single & swooned to Perry’s devilish good-looks and genius guitar playing… F.I.N.E. continued in succession, knocking the crowd dead every note of the way & following it up with Cryin’… Cryin’ was released as 1 of 6 singles off the chart topping album, Get a Grip. The album peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 charts in 1993 with Cryin’ peaking at No. 1 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Continuing their night, Aerosmith proceeded with Jaded. Jaded was the first single of the December 21, 2000 Chart Topping album Just Push Play. The album peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Top 200 in 2001 with Jaded peaking at No. 1 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks at the same time… Aerosmith performed their chart topping single with amazing exuberance; which was reflected back to the band via the audience with cheers of joy & excitement. Last Child followed Jaded with Living on the Edge directly after. During this chart topping single off Get a Grip, Steven Tyler, walked up the high-rise platform that sat stage right. He then approached a group of fans that were camped out (at the end of the ramp) most of the night and grasped their hands as he finished off the song full of unadulterated emotion, breathing deeply as he finished off the truly profound & provocative hit single. Again another instance where a song rings more true today than ever with the racial & civil unrest plaguing the country.

JHW_0665This electrifyingly phenomenal evening continued without a hitch as Aerosmith played Toys in The Attic. Followed by an amazing drum solo by Joe Kramer. While playing his phenomenal solo Steven Tyler joined him with his own beat matching in time with Kramer. Kramer then continued is solo a bit more before tossing his sticks off to the crowd and beckoning for a reaction. The crowd cheered him on as he began beating his drums with his hands truly finishing off the solo in style; leading into Rag Doll. Driving the crowd wild with the chart topping single from the mid 80’s, Joe Perry played the Slide Guitar like it was second nature while Steven Tyler belted the lyrics out with his sensational vocals. Then night continued with hit after hit like Stop Messin’ Around; Mama Kin; I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing; Lord of the Thighs; No More No More; Dude Looks Like A Lady & Walk This Way…

Aerosmith exits the stage leaving the crowd cheering for an encore. Under the darkness of the State Farm Arena, as the crowd continued cheering the band for an encore, the stage hands brought out a piano. The lights come on and Steven Tyler is sitting on the piano stool. Tyler begins toying at the piano and the crowd’s cheers begin to get louder and louder and louder; the roars from the 6000 excited fans began sounding like a freight train barreling down the tracks. Tyler then begins playing the opening melody to the bands 1973 hit single Dream On. The crowd’s cheers, (which once resembled the sound of a freight train) began to get even louder. The Veteran Rockers cranked off this power-ballad like it too was 2nd nature. People of all ages races, creeds & ethnicities were united as one, singing along with Steven Tyler as he was pounding the song out beautifully on the ivory keys… Joe Perry, slowly walked down the catwalk towards Tyler and the piano. Reaching the piano, Perry puts his foot on the piano stool, climbing atop of it and then onto the piano; driving the crowd insane as he played his guitar part before climbing off allowing Tyler himself to climb atop it… The exact time he reaches the vocal peak of the song the pyro technics go off blowing steam high into the sky. Aerosmith then ended the night with their 1975, 1991 & 1994 hit single Sweet Emotion. Sweet Emotion garners modern day success with over 3 million Digital copies of this single sold. The audience gave Aerosmith a standing ovation as they exited the stage for the last time. The look of “What do we do now” could be read all over the fans faces as they too made their exit from the venue one by one.

As always Aerosmith pulls off an unparalleled performance, filled with extraordinarily outstanding timeless classics we all grew to love throughout the decades & more to come. DO NOT miss this show, sell the cow if you have to, and just get out there! You’ll not regret this!

Review by: Jared Wingate 


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