3 Doors Down & Theory of a Deadman Rock TX During Big Bang Festival

3 Doors Down & Theory of a Deadman
July 3, 2015
Concrete Street Amphitheater- Corpus Christi, TX

          Arriving to the venue early, the lines were already quite long… Fans of all ages, color & religion gathered at the Concrete Street Amphitheater, prepared for Corpus Christi’s Big Bang Festival. A fun filled night complete with a firework show & music from two of Rock-n-Rolls big name acts. The night kicked into gear with Corpus Christi, TX natives, Steven James & The Jaded on the pavilion stage. A few concert goers approached the stage barrier while the band played on & others went on about their business buying merchandise featuring their favorite band(s) to aid in immortalizing the night forever. A few familiar faces pass by, nodding their heads in recognition & some make their approach offering their hand in friendship; while other attempt small talk about the evening’s events, that were to follow. Steven James & The Jaded did their job inflating the crowd, prepping them for the act that follows. The band ended their set while the crowd cheered them on.

Hailing from Jacksonville Florida, Fit for Rivals were already on the main-stage kicking teeth in musically. The first song, Can’t Live Without You ended and the crowd cheered loudly; One person in the crowd yelled: “NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!” Fit for Rivals continued their set with Light That Shines, Crash; Novocain; Girl in a Coma; Get With Me; Freak Machine; Damage & Hit Me. The band left a pretty big impression on the Corpus crowd, specifically lead vocalist, Renee Phoenix. Don’t let Phoenix’s petite frame fool you, for within that tiny package; powerhouse vocals are contained. Packed tightly, just waiting to explode nightly like emotional & lyrically charged TNT. Ending their impassioned performance the band walked off stage leaving the crowds mouths agape in amazement. Phoenix’s vocals can only be compared to that of, Joan Jett. Just the right amount of roughness & sweetness combined to create something JHW_1039completely awesome!

Back on the Pavilion stage; Houston, Texas based band, Weezhur (a Weezer cover-band) began pleasing the masses with some hit singles made popular by Weezer, from the 90’s to Now… the crowd under the pavilion stage was quite pleased at the band’s performance and received them well… It wasn’t long before We Are Harlot hit the main-stage, and fans began flocking. We Are Harlot opened their night with their hit single Denial. Blowing the crowd away with their prodigious performance, they continued on with Easier to Love; Someday; Never Turn Back; The One; Dancing on Nails & a kick ass cover of Queen’s Tie Your Mother Down…

Back on the pavilion stage, the Foo Fighters cover band, Foo Fakers were preparing for their set. But there was something oddly familiar about the Foo Fakers. It was the exact same band as the Weezer cover-band, Weezhur… A true first for this photojournalist. Needless to say they killed their set just as they killed their set when playing the Weezhur set. Leaving the crowd wanting more the band exited the stage…

Theory of a Deadman hit the stage and the crowd lost it with excitement, pumping the band up with their elated cheers of joy. The band repays the crowd by pumping them up with a highly formidable set of hit radio singles like Santa Monica, Angel; Bitch is Back; Bad Girlfriend All or Nothing; Not Meant to Be; Hate My Life and many more, including a spot-on cover of Alice in Chains Nutshell. The crowd was left in awe at the bands palatable stage performance and their rock-n-roll charm…DSC_4229

While Theory of a Deadman’s instruments were being taken off the stage briefly, a firework display lit up the night backstage, to the amusement of the packed Corpus Christ crowd… Albeit brief, it was still a beautiful display. 3 Doors Down, made it on stage and began their night phenomenally with the title-track Time of My Life… The album Time of My Life, dropped in July of 2011 while the-title track was released in December of 2011 as the 4th single off the amazing album. And has peaked on numerous charts including No.1 on Billboard’s U.S. Rock Albums; No. 1 Alternative Albums; & No. 1 Hard Rock Albums; No. 2 Digital Album & No. 3 on Billboard’s 200... When this band creates music, they create top shelf sellers. 3 Doors Down continued on with It’s Not My Time. It’s Not My Time, was released as the first official single of their self-titled fourth studio album & peaked at No. 1 on two of Billboard’s top charts…  During this chart topping hit single, gazing into the crowd; people could be seen singing their hearts out. Specifically one little fan there with his dad in the front row, singing his heart out with his eyes closed tight. For the 3rd song of this amazing evening 3 Doors Down played, Let Me go. Directly after the third track, Brad Arnold introduced a brand new 3 Doors Down song, giving the crowd a live premiere of The Broken… Sorry, No spoiler this time. You’ll have to buy your 3DD ticket and hear it for yourself…

This prodigious night continued on with 12 more hit’s including two more live premiers with, Living in Your Hell & Us and the Night. Be sure to catch the 3 Doors Down show as it rolls into your town. With special guests Theory of a Deadman, Collective Soul & Seether in select cities around the U.S.

Review by: Jared Wingate


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