The Boys Of Zummer Tour Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Fall Out Boy Destroy Hershey, PA

 Boys of Zummer Tour ft. Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy
July 3, 2015
Giant Center- Hershey, PA

       MAX opened up the show with an immense amount of energy. Running from side to side- he was all over the place. And the lighting was just as sporadic! Hoodie Allen came out next, with his shades on reppin’ the Hershey Bears with his customized ‘Hoodie’ jersey and inflatable letters spelling ‘Hoodie’ across the stage. He played some fun material including his more popular hit, No Interruption, among other fun material.

Lookin’ fly; Decked out in all white gold accented attire, Wiz Khalifa steals the stage. The artist comes out backed by a band consisting of drums, keys and guitar. Beautifully lit, Khalifa put on quite a performance; absolutely insane! Fans packed from front to back, Khalifa had the entire arena dancing, singing and jumping around. Even the sound guy went hard. He plays tons of fan favorites including We Dem Boyz, Black and Yellow, No Sleep,Work Hard Play Hard, and Ass Drop. During a break in his set, the talented Rapper spread his good vibes; sharing positivity with the crowd and talking about letting go of negativity. Weed smoke filled the air, as if the entire arena was a giant hot box. Khalifa’s stage set up was absolutely beautiful–consisting of Co2, fog and a DJ stands reading ‘Taylor Gang’, Wiz Khalifa-2among other things.

During the climax of his set, as security cleared a secured path, Khalifa came out, shirtless, into the crowd. He stood on the sound platform to perform the next song, as fans rushed up against it, waving their hands in the air and singing along to the sound of Taylor Gang. Throughout, he continued with chanting “Taylor. Gang.” as the loud pops went off. As he rushed back, rapper Chevy Woods, hit the stage with his name lit up across the LED backdrop radiating with vibrant red and blue lighting. It got dark as the hype toned down for some beautiful piano music which leads into, Young Wild and Free  while inflatable blunts make their way into the crowd. Later, the artist himself, lights one up on stage. Wiz Khalifa’s set could easily be described as a huge-colorful-free- spirited BLAST!  Khalifa definitely knows how to throw a party!

“I KNOW Y’ALL ALL CAME TO PARTY BUT WHO’S STAYIN OUT ALL NIGHT?!”, Khalifa exclaims. He continued by saying, “Is someone out there gonna take me home?!” Leading into the next number, Stayin Out All Night with loud Pops, pyro and confetti to follow while Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy joined Khalifa on stage to finish out the song. Khalifa closed out the night with an Encore performance of late friend, Paul Walker, tribute See You Again. The entire crowd sang along as they waved their hands along with him. What a beautiful way to conclude a set. Sad, but beautiful. After Wiz Khalifa wraps up his performance, the lights come on for a brief break in sets while the final act of the night gets set up.

Artist MAX, who plays between sets, came back out while the arena got ready for the long awaited moment of Fall Out Boy to arrive on stage. MAX played Gibberish who was followed by a DJ [‘Drama Like The DJ’] who extended crowd hype. The DJ picked the show back up chanting things like “If you’re ready for FALL OUT BOY, sing it with me!!!’”Confetti covered the ground..

Fall Out Boy set the stage ablaze almost quite literally, opening up with long fan favorite and past radio hit Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down whilst pyro shot from the stage. The band continued their set with Irresistible, followed by The Phoenix. Fans went nuts as the band tore up the stage. The guys continued to play a variety of great material including some off both their older and more recent records. Their stage production alone, took their performance to the next level. Fall Out Boy performed a stellar set, closing out the night with an encore of My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) and Saturday.

Review by: Liana Marie

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