Phoenix Addicted To Third Eye Blind’s Dopamine Tour

Third Eye Blind & Dashboard Confessional
July 12, 2015
Comerica Theatre- Phoenix, AZ

            This past Sunday July 12, Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind rocked the stage at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix Arizona. Openers, Night Terrors of 1927, a pop duo from LA started off the night with an excellent set. Following Night Terrors, Dashboard Confessional, a rock band that began in Boca Raton Florida, stormed the stage with an enormous energy. Dashboard Confessional has released six albums since they formed in 2000, with the most recent album Alter The Ending in 2009. All members of Dashboard threw themselves into the performance completely and belted out some of their biggest hits with the fans screaming along. Songs of the night included Screaming Infidelities, Hands Down, Vindicated, Stolen, and Don’t Wait, just to name a few. Dashboard did not disappoint their beloved fans and were an excellent complement to Third Eye Blind. Headliners Third Eye Blind, an alternative rock band from San Francisco, have released five full-length albums since their self-titled debut album in 1997, with their most recent album Dopamine released earlier this year.

ThirdEye10 After Dashboard dominated the stage, headliners Third Eye Blind started off the show with a hefty dose of nostalgia by diving into Graduate. Lead singer Stephan Jenkins had incredible stage presence and regularly reached out to screaming fans in the front row. Jenkins even requested for the fans to choose which songs were performed next, with flexibility in their set list. The band did an excellent job of balancing songs from their newest album Dopamine as well as their classics. Some songs performed from Dopamine included: Everything Is Easy, Dopamine, and Back to Zero, just to name a few.  Some beloved classics that absolutely blew fans away included: Losing a Whole Year, Jumper, How’s It Going to Be, Never Let You Go, and Motorcycle Drive By. Other excellent surprises included a cover of Beyonce’s Mine as well as a few intertwined snippets of U2’s With or Without You, and MIA’s Paper Planes. Throughout the set Jenkins chatted with the audience, and exhibited some athletic ability by sprinting full-speed across stage at one point and later performed a somersault onstage. An impressive drum solo was imbedded in the set, which had the entire audience dancing. After leaving the stage for the first time, Third Eye Blind stormed the stage for their encore, which included a song from their new album Something In You, and ended on a crowd favorite Semi-Charmed Life.

The love that this band has for their music and their fans is apparent in everything that they do onstage, I highly recommend experiencing this show. To witness this extremely talented band perform songs many of us grew up listening to over the past 18 years (that’s right 18 years!), and hearing them perform their new album is an unforgettable experience.

Review by: Meghan Lee

Third Eye Blind

Dashboard Confessional