Whitesnake Hits One Out Of The Park At Hampton Beach Casino

July 22, 2015
Hampton Beach Casino- Boston, MA

        Legendary rock band Whitesnake is back on tour to support their new album, The Purple Album, which pays tribute to front man David Coverdale’s time with the band Deep Purple. In an interview with Coverdale, he was quoted saying that a couple of years ago he had been told a very dear friend and former colleague of both Deep Purple and Whitesnake, keyboardist John Lord had been diagnosed with cancer. One of Lord’s requests of Coverdale was to reform a Deep Purple Mark three reunion. Coverdale immediately said yes to his former friend but sadly Lord passed away before it ever happened. After Lord’s passing, there was still talk of a Deep Purple reunion between him and Richie Blackmore, but Coverdale unfortunately didn’t find some of the ideas his representatives had, appealing so the idea was never a go.

Coverdale had already started to work on material for the possible reunion and had not given up on the idea of bringing some of those old songs that he had written as a kid back to life. So, he decided to pitch the idea to the guys and former band mates from Whitesnake, and they couldn’t have been more thrilled and excited to jump at the opportunity. Coverdale was also quoted saying this album was a huge thank you, a tribute for the opportunity he was given by his previous band members. The University of Deep Purple was an extraordinary, amazing school and he still to this day utilizes the lessons he learned under John, Richie and the rest of the guys from Deep Purple. “This album is to be a salute to my former colleagues and a celebration of the incredible music that we once made together”.

WS1 Which brings us to tonight, July 22nd of 2015, at the Hampton Beach Casino. It is their 32nd show of this 4-month US tour, and a sold out show. As the sun started to go down on this hot summer night, it was evident there was a rock show about to happen. The streets of Hampton Beach were filled with rockers and groupies alike.

Tickets were scanned, beers poured and everything was set for the show to begin. Rumors quickly spread the band was running late to their 8pm set start, and now the show would not start until about 8:15pm. The crowd was starting to get anxious on this hot muggy night, but thankfully a cool breeze started to come in through some of the doors that were still open. You could see on some of the fans faces they were starting to wonder if their rock heroes would show up.

The crowd’s anticipation was finally over as the lights went down around 8:40pm and the band finally hit the stage. Michele Luppi on keyboards and vocals, Italy’s newest son and newest member, was all smiles as he stepped onto stage, followed by Tommy Aldridge on Drums, Michael Devin on Bass, long time member Reb Beach on guitar, and the other new addition to the snakes, the new guitarist Mr. Joel Hoekstra, who was now part of the iconic group. And then Coverdale stepped onto the stage, sending this Hampton Beach crowd into loud cheers for their rock god.

The band came out swinging as they started their set with the song Burn from their new album, followed by an old favorite Slide It In, and also from their new one, Love Is No Stranger. The show continued and after singing The Gypsy, another one from the new album, Coverdale yelled into the crowd “Here is a song that you do fucking know and all you have to do is make as much fucking noise as you fucking can!” sending the crowd into a wild state as they continued with another one from their hit roster Give Me All Your Love.

Coverdale’s flirtatious, energetic set continued as he stroked and spun his microphone stand into the air.  It became pretty evident that he was still the man in charge, as he controlled the stage and this crowd with ease. The guys played You Keep On Movin and Forevermore before going into a sweet melancholy solo by Reb Beach on guitar. Followed by Mistreated and You Fool No One also from their new album before a very energetic drum solo by the master Tommy Aldridge.

They continued with the band intros, the band members got to display the reasons why they are part of this legendary group. The two newest members of the snake clan; Michele Luppi (keyboard/vocals) and Joel Hoekstra (guitar), showed these fans why they were a perfect fit for the flamboyant boys from England.

Finally, the band played Is This Love, their 4-time platinum monster rock ballad, which had the whole place singing and clapping the entire time. When you looked around the crowded room, it was pretty obvious that their fans were having the time of their life. The band cranked things up with another one from their self-titled album, Bad Boys.

Coverdale then yelled out, “Light them up Ernesto! Make some fucking noise Hampton Beach!” The crowd when nuts as the band began to sing another one of their all-time greatest hits Here I Go Again. After that song the band started leaving the stage, they saluted this sold out crowd for the amazing show. They threw their sticks and flicked their picks into the crowd and said thank you.

Towards the end of the show even though Coverdale’s vocals started to crack from time to time during high notes, but that didn’t stop the charismatic singer from belting his songs as loud as he possibly could. None of this mattered to the sold out crowd at the Hampton Beach Casino, who clapped and sang along.

The boys finally left the stage, but not long after they re-emerged, sending the crowd into a loud uproar. Coverdale and his snakes knew they had their fans on their knees; there was no need for begging. The band closed out their set with the hard-hitting hit, Still of the Night and their children of the night responded by singing along with the rock heroes. Coverdale closed with a message to his fans “A thousand thanks for your hospitality, be safe, be happy and don’t let anyone make you afraid! Thank you!” The band waived and clapped as they walked off the stage, as Coverdale threw goodbye kisses into the crowd.

So if you happen to see Whitesnake is coming to a town near you, do not pass up the chance to see them live. It will be a night that promises to have you singing and cheering the entire time…guaranteed!

Review by: Carlos Londono


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