The Offspring End Their ‘Coming For You’ Tour In Los Angeles

The Offspring
July 31, 2015
Hollywood Palladium- Los Angeles, CA

       Following the release of their latest single, Coming For You, The Offspring went out on a short, 7-date summer tour which ended on July 31 in Los Angeles. Coming For You is the first single off of the band’s currently untitled 10th studio album which is expected to be released later this year.

The punk rockers from Huntington Beach, CA formed in 1984 and have sold over 36 million records worldwide, so it was no surprise that the show was sold out as soon as tickets went on sale. FEAR warmed the crowd up with their hardcore punk, and at 9:30, The Offspring came on stage, their set starting with Greg K.’s bass slaps to their 1994 hit, Bad Habit. As the song was nearing an end, lead singer Dexter Holland stood on a metal riser and smiled into the crowd as the music stopped and he sang, “Drivers are rude, such attitudes, but when I show my piece, complaints cease- something’s odd, I feel like I’m god…” and held the microphone out so the crowd could chant “You stupid dumb shit goddman motherfucker!” as the music kicked back in and mosh pits broke out everywhere. It was the perfect song to kick off their 17 song set and 2 song encore.

The band performed songs from 7 of their 9 albums, giving fans old and new something to love and sing along to. What’s great about an Offspring show is that the crowd is very diverse, age wise. There were older fans who were teens when The Offspring first formed, there were kids of those older fans, there were teens and young adults and each and every one of them was singing along and enjoying some good ol’ punk rock. It’s not often that you see a band who’s fans stick with them for 31 years, as the Offspring’s and it’s even more rare that an older band is constantly attracting new young fans. With their timeless music,they are able to keep their old fans and still attract the younger generations to enjoy it as well which is understandable for anyone that has heard their music.

The Offspring performed hit after hit with Come Out and Play, Hammerhead, Staring at the Sun, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid and encore songs, Want You Bad & Self Esteem. The new Offspring album is something everyone should be on the look out for and if it’s anything like Coming For You, there is much to be excited for. Hopefully after the album release we can expect a tour because this is one band you should never miss!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg