Slipknot Takes No Prisoners At Boston, MA Show

August 4, 2015
Xfinity Theater- Mansfield, MA

       It was a little too quiet last Tuesday night, August 4th, before the beginning of Slipknot’s set.  The crowd seemed lifeless before the lights went down at the Xfinity Theater in Mansfield, Massachusetts. A huge cloud of marijuana filled the air while Van Halen’s Runnin’ With the Devil played. They say it is always the quietest before a storm, and this could not have been truer as Slipknot hit the stage to XIX from their new album. The crowd emerged from the dead and gave Corey Taylor, their maggot leader, and the rest of Slipknot a loud Boston welcome.

A brief history into the band who has pleasantly tormented our ears for more than a decade; Iowa’s own Slipknot was founded in 1995 by current member, percussionist Shawn Crahan, also known as #6, and the late Paul Gray, known as #2. Gray was the bassist for the band until his passing in 2010 of heart failure. The band has seen their ups and downs in the past years, but nothing hit as hard as losing their old time friend and band mate. There was talk between some of the members about not continuing, but as Corey Taylor said, “Paul would have wanted us to continue”, and in that spirit, they did.

slipknot-6The eight time Grammy Award nominated band, Slipknot, only saw the light of the award in 2006 by winning Best Metal Performance for their video Before I Forget.  But selling millions of records and headlining tours all over the world is not what makes this band so successful. It is their loyal following, so called “Maggots” that have fueled this band to keep pushing the boundaries year after year. Their continued success has made them the band they are today, one of the leaders of heavy metal.

Tonight, here at the Xfinity Theater for the Summer’s Last Stand Tour, the band meant business as usual and they were ready to rock as the curtains opened. Lead singer Corey Taylor  (#8) was joined on stage by guitarist Mick Thompson (#7), guitarist Jim Root (#4), keyboardist Craig Jones (#5), turntablist Sid Wilson (#0), percussionists Shawn Crahan (#6), Chris Fehn (#3), Jay Weinberg on drums and bassist Alessandro Venturella, who would be playing from backstage due to a collapse from extreme dehydration a couple nights prior.

Their set started with Sarcastrophe from their new album, followed by fan favorite’s The Heretic Anthem and Psychosocial. They continued with The Devil and I and as Taylor spit his lyrics into the crowd, a small mosh pit formed in the front. The rest of the crowd’s eyes were glued to the chaos happening on stage. As Taylor paced like an angry lion, controlling the crowd with his lyrics, Wilson could be seen hanging and jumping from the upper stage and drum kits, as the scary yet sweet sounds from Craig Jones keyboard hypnotize the crowd. And although Venturella was M.I.A on stage, the heavy riffs from his bass could be heard for miles.

Slipknot’s two hour set continued with AOV, Vermilion and another fan favorite Wait and Bleed from their 1999 self- titled album, which took their set to another level.  Guitarist Mick Thompson and Jim Root, were nothing but amazing as they played and beat heavy riffs out of their guitars, not missing a beat. After the song, Taylor said, “That’s why Boston is one of my fucking favorite cities, because you motherfuckers are as passionate about music as we are.”

Their set slowed down a bit during, Killpop, but things quickly sped back up with Before I Forget and Sulfur. The crowd was singing in unison as Taylor approached his maggots; “Gonna test your motherfucking pipes right now…I am gonna start, and you are gonna motherfucking finish it, are you ready?! Let’s go!” as he went into Duality. After the song, Corey went on to say “You are fucking amazing Boston!”

The Boston massacre continued as flames emerged from both sides of the stage, lights flashed in front of the crowd, fists and middle fingers were waving in the air as the band continued their heart pounding set with Disasterpiece. Taylor pushed the crowd to jump as high as they could as he went into Spit It Out, making the crowd go completely insane. The band closed their set with Custer before taking a short break.

As the pounding on the seats got louder and louder, Slipknot took the stage and they were welcomed back with loud bellows. The venue was unlit and dark as 742617000027 came on. They continued their encore with Sic. Taylor approached the manic crowd again and as he pounded his chest he asked “You motherfuckers want more?!”.  All you could hear were screams and yells for more as they continued with People = Shit. Wilson on turntables didn’t miss a beat and the floor rumbled from the intense drumming from percussionists Shawn Crahan, Chris Fehn, and drummer Jay Weinberg. Crahan and Fehn were just sensational and their presence with the crowd was undeniable.

Taylor shared, “We love you Boston. We have been coming here since Ozzfest 99, thank you for all of your support. We are no longer friends, we are family”. They finally closed their chaotic set with Surfacing and put a nail in the coffin with Til We Die, a tribute to their friend and former band mate, the late Paul Gray.

Taylor spoke to the crowd one last time, “Thank you so much Boston, we love you” before throwing his mic on the floor and walking off stage. Slipknot gave it their all and the fans knew it, as they put on one of the best sets this Boston crowd has ever witnessed.

So, Do you like Halloween? Do you like scary stuff? Do you enjoy fire-breathing monsters? Most importantly, do you enjoy good music by an amazing band that leaves it all on stage every time, performing shows that will leave you breathless? If you answered yes to these questions, then go see Slipknot! Their shows are unforgettable and everyone should witness it at least once in their lifetime.

Review by: Carlos Londono

Set list

INTRO – Running With the Devil & XIX















ENCORE – 74261700027 & SIC





Tour Dates

August 14th – Noblesville, IN – Klipsch Music Center

August 15th – Chicago, IL – First Midwest Bank Amp

August 16th – Saint Louis, MO – Hollywood Cassino Amp

August 19th   – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheater


Please visit their website for more dates as they are currently on the Summer’s Last Stand Tour with Lamb of God, Bullet for My Valentine and Motionless in White.