Chayanne Gets Hidalgo, TX To Dance With Him At A Sold Out Arena

August 30, 2015
State Farm Arena- Hidalgo, TX

      Puerto Rican Latin pop singer, Chayanne, who is recognized worldwide as an icon of pop music genre in Spanish hit the stage at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas. Chayanne’s ‘En Todo Estaré’ Tour began in Miami, Florida on August 1 and arrived to South Texas on August 30. The line outside of the arena was filled with anticipating fans waiting to enter hours prior to show time. The venue was filled with mostly women but there were some men among the crowd as well.

Chayanne’s career is filled with successful world tours and solo albums so inevitably he sold out the arena. Chayanne’s set list opened up with Quiero Bailar Contigo. There wasn’t a single empty seat in sight that could be seen, the crowd was very loud from beginning to end and on their feet for most of the show. Apart from singing, Chayanne is also dancer and actor, one of his lead roles includes the 1998 film Dance with Me so it came as no surprise that he would be dancing on stage.

On stage Chayanne was all smiles and very energetic which pumped the crowd even more to dance along with him from their seats. The energy filled the arena the most when he was joined on stage by dancers whom surrounded him and provided extra visual his choreography. Chayanne seemed very comfortable on stage and had a great stage presence. He interacted with the crowd and would go up to the edge of the stage, sing to the audience and reach out to the crowd which resulted in loud screams. Playing both old favorites and new songs, he went from being a boy in a boyband called Los Chicos to being a successful solo artist with a tour that will hit 17 U.S cities through September 17 this year. Definitely a must watch!

Review by: Alicia Rangel