Ed Sheeran Took Over Washington DC For A Jam Packed Show

Ed Sheeran & Christina Perri
September 22, 2015
Verizon Center- Washington DC

       Sold out show & night one of Ed Sheeran’s tour that took over the Verizon Center that night in Washington DC. Opener Christina Perri bounced on stage with the bubbliest of smiles. Singing hits of hers, starting the night off with Shot me in the Heart, then getting everyone off their feet with Arms to where Perri herself picked up an acoustic guitar to play along with her guitarist a new song called Run. Now we cant forget the classic Christina Perri songs that we all know from the radio, such as Jar of Hearts, and from the Twilight Saga movie soundtrack, “A Thousand Years. Perri paired her beautiful vocals with her tambourine, guitar and piano perfectly her anthem Burning Gold just bolted out of her beautifully and had the crowd on their feet ready and pumped up for Mr. Ed Sheeran.

Before Ed Sheeran took the stage, the screens displayed a slew of video montage chronicling his journey throughout life which even had a bit of Taylor Swift featured. The clips spanned from his younger days in 1991 until today in 2015 when Sheeran entered from the side of the stage opening up with one of the crowd favorites, I’m A Mess.

Ed_Sheeran-7The graphics on the very bright, very well lit screen continued to complement his set list with a wooden puppet-like set of hands opening and closing during Lego House and watercolor paintings of a man and woman appearing and disappearing during Photograph.

This was Sheeran’s second headline gig in the DC area, where he played before as a headlining date was the infamous 9:30 Club, I believe two years ago exactly.

Sheeran had many requests to the fans in the crowd. Those requests were to lose their voices with him, amongst other disclaimers permitting them to dance like idiots and do whatever the hell they wanted to, in a respectful manner.

The arena became a speckled illumination of cell phone lights when Sheeran caught his breath with A Team before encoring with You Need Me, I Don’t Need You and his super popular hit, Sing.

Together, these two artists created an unbelievably amazing show all-together that consisted of MANY fan favorites, which really topped off the night!

Review by: Alyssa Howell 

Ed Sheeran

Christina Perri