Corpus Christi, TX Turnt Up For Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame
September 23, 2015
Brewster Street Icehouse- Corpus Christi, TX

     Waka Flocka Flame played to a packed house of concert goers at the Brewster Street Icehouse on September 23rd, 2015… The night opened up with, Alice, Texas native & president of the Calavera 13 MC; D.J. Dragon, cutting phenomenally for the patrons who arrived at the Corpus venue early. DJ Dragon got his start seven years ago after watching superstar D.J. Paul Oakenfold perform at a Los Vegas night club Rain… “The way he would control the energy of the crowd fired me up… At that moment I told myself I am buying me some tables” D.J. Dragon bumped the beats adding his unique spin to the seamlessly blended tracks, catching the attention of the fans in the crowd as they slowly filed in, lining up in the front row V.I.P area.

It wasn’t long before D.J. Duo Styles & Complete made it out on stage to take the palace of D.J. Dragon. Keeping the crowd pumped up as the music continues pushing the bass through the chests of Men & Women in attendance. By this time the V.I.P section had reached its capacity, puffs of smoke lingered above the heads of the individuals, while the periodic whoop & holler could be heard by the excited fans. Bottles of wine were brought out and placed to the left of the D.J. table while Styles & Complete continued spinning todays #1’s, blending Fetty Wap in flawless & harmoniously with Omarion as if they were meant-to-be together from day one.

JHW_2551Waka’s D.J.; D.J. Whoo Kid made it on the stage, alerting Styles & Complete of his presence. Styles & Complete climbed off the platform leaving the tables to Whoo Kid while they stepped to the back of the stage to kick it for a bit.

Waka Flocka Flame, hit the stage in true Rock-Star Fashion, head-banging with each step. While his dreads whipped wildly across his face, Waka raised his horns to the crowd, causing them to go wild with vigorous excitement… Waka opened his night with his 2010 hit single No Hands, performing over half of the track from the crowd as his muscular frame moves from person to person; each movement mimicked by his body guard before making it back on stage.  The front row of women franticly screamed and pawed at Waka’s clothing, like a pack of savage, starved wolves as he performed a plethora of his hit radio singles & more; pacing from stage left to stage right. Slowly one by one the bottles of wine began being opened and sprayed onto the ever-eager crowd. Some women started taking the pawing a step further & began groping at Waka’s crotch before he could step away…

Waka’s evening slowly came to a close, this became evident by the women in the V.I.P. being invited up onto the stage to dance while he closes out the night with one last track. Women of varied ethnicities, shapes & sizes represented their love for Waka Flocka Flame’s music while they twerked on stage; including a little woman, who twerked for Waka & the crowd. Waka not being able to resist himself took to the little person’s level & danced with her while his huge frame was being held up by his ever present bodyguard… Ladies and gentlemen this is a night that will be talked about forever, a once in a lifetime chance for many including Waka Flocka himself!.. Check this show out when it comes your way soon!

Review by: Jared Wingate