Ludacris Plays Free Show For Sleepy University Town

September 24, 2015
Texas A&M University- Kingsville, TX

       The student Alumni at the Texas A&M University- Kingsville, were treated to a free live performance by a-list celebrity actor & musician, Ludacris! The evening’s festivities began with Kingston Jamaican native Samantha J. Samantha brought her brand of spice to the TAMUK crowd in attendance entertaining the eyes and ears of each patron while she performed her top singles live. Inviting members of the audience onto the stage while she performed Hot Gyals; challenging the audience members to dance right along with Samantha & her phenomenally talented team. The expressions written across the faces of the individuals on stage were that of shock & surprise. Cameras were coming out and selfies began to be snapped as everyone danced their little asses off. Directly after the song ended, Samantha sent the fans back to their places within the front-row crowd of their piers… Soon the TAMUK Javelina Cheerleaders were asked on stage to perform a dance routine while Samantha J covered Omi’s chart topping single Cheerleader. Samantha J’s night ended about as briefly as it began. Samantha J, thanked the enthusiastic university sized crowd & exited the stage, stage-left…

JHW_3300The humidity was thick & near unbearable, the atmosphere could be cut with a knife. The fans were growing restless as Ludacris’s motorcade pulled up being led in by police escort… Ludachris’s live band made it on stage. The Saxophonist unpacked his gear along with the guitarists. The D.J. took his place behind his tables & the keyboardist behind his keys. The drummer began pounding at the sins as Ludacris made his way onto the stage. The crowd began cheering louder & louder slowly pushing towards the front of the barrier. Ludacris pulled out all the stops, playing his biggest hit singles. Including Money Maker, How Low; Number One Spot; Roll Out; Act a Fool; Area Codes; Southern Hospitality & knocking the Texas A&M University -Kingsville crowd out with Ludacris’s bestselling single of all time, Move B***h.  

Ludacris left the stage as every good performer should… Leaving the crowd wanting more & very well surprised by an amazing performance by each performer. From Samantha J to Ludacris & his live touring band. If you are by chance fortunate enough to catch a Ludacris or Samantha J show in the future. Do not miss it! Reserve tickets as they won’t last long !

Review by: Jared Wingate 


Samantha J.