Nick Jonas Captivates The Maryland Crowd

Nick Jonas & Bebe Rexha
September 29, 2015
Filmore- Silver Springs, MD

 To kick off the sold out show, Nick Jonas had rising star Bebe Rexha open up. She took over the crowd with her empowering personality and dedication to get everyone pumped up to see Nick Jonas. She started off the show singing  her hit I’m Gonna Show You Crazy. The crowd went wild as she gave a motivational speech on not to judge anyone by their race, ethnicity, or beliefs and to just love everyone. She then began to sing a popular song that she helped write called The Monster by Eminem featuring Rihanna and there wasn’t a person in the venue not singing along with her. As the night went on she performed her other songs such as I Don’t Wanna Grow Up and I Can’t Stop Drinking About You. Everyone quickly fell in love with her as she got them ready for Nick Jonas.

The room was dark, and filled with a crowd full of screaming girls impatiently waiting for Nick Jonas. As the stage started to fill with smoke, lights were projected on the background and  everyone knew it was time. The band started to play and in the middle of the stage a screen lifted and out came Nick Jonas, he kicked off the performance with his popular song Chains. He sure has come a long way since The Jonas Brothers. The night was still young and the crowd sang along with him to his other popular songs like Wilderness, Warning, and Levels. He surprised everyone with an encore singing Jealous. During all his songs he had 3D affects projecting on the screens behind him, it was a night you’ll never forget.

Review by: Lauren Driscoll 

Nick Jonas

Bebe Rexha