Scorpions Rock LA During Their 50th Anniversary Tour

October 3, 2015
The Forum- Los Angeles, CA

        It’s quite a feat to be able to perform to arenas full of people around the world, but when a band has been doing it for 50 years, it’s an unbelievable accomplishment, but it also begs the question of whether they are still able to put on a great show. On October 3, 2015, fans ranging between three generations packed into the Forum in Los Angeles to have that question answered, by witnessing one of the most legendary and longest existing rock bands in the world- the Scorpions 

With a whopping 18 studio albums and timeless hits that have the older fans singing along to and the younger fans playing along to on Guitar Hero, it was no question that the Forum would be filled with enthusiastic and excited fans. “Me and my wife flew all the way from Australia to be in the front row of this show!” An excited fan told me as he anxiously held onto the barricade in excitement. He explained how they spent close to 13 thousand dollars for the entire 9 day trip! Can you say loyal fan, or what!

SCORPIONS_-26The lights of the venue dimmed as the album cover of their latest release Return To Forever was illuminated on the curtain that shielded the stage. Sirens went off and when curtain dropped, the band members were enclosed in smoke. Fans instantly shouted as the band went into Going Out With a Bang. Immediately, one could tell this show would be amazing, production wise. The stage was covered with huge screens and tens of lights that shot every which way as either strobes or colors. During their second song of the night, Make It Real, the monitors on the screen mimicked that of an American flag which swayed as the band performed. Founding member and rhythm guitarist, Rudolf Schenker engaged with the crowd constantly by running down the catwalk getting up close and personal with the cheering fans. Matthias Jabs on lead guitar joined him during his solo and fans went absolutely insane, reaching out to touch the musicians.

By the third song, The Zoo as Jabs was using his talk box, which really intrigued the fans, lead singer, Klaus Meine threw out drumsticks to a majority of the fans in the first few rows. Meine threw out more drumsticks during this show than most bands throw out all tour, and it’s really a great thank you for the fans’ loyalty throughout the years.

As the set was nearing the halfway mark, the band slowed things down for acoustic versions of Always Somewhere, Eye of the Storm and Send Me An Angel. All the members gathered near each other at the edge of the runway and performed. It’s truly remarkable how Meine sounds live; he is able to hit every note so powerfully to the point of giving chills to those witnessing the genius, and he does so, so effortlessly that it’s really something people have to see in person.

The set continued with what could be classified as the band’s biggest hit, Wind of Change. Meine began whistling the beginning while eager fans took out their cell phones to record. As the chorus began, Meine commanded the audience to sing along for the German reunification which was 25 years ago to the day.

The pace quickly picked back up with Rock ’n’ Roll Band & Dynamite which had everyone up and out of their seats, singing and head banging along to. Following was an impressive drum solo by James Kottak. He paused mid way to speak to the fans and talk about how much the Forum meant to him. He pointed to a part of the floor, saying that he met his wife at a Motley Crue show “right over there!” Fans cheered as he explained that he saw many legendary bands at the venue and SCORPIONS_-20several years ago he was sitting up in the seats, listening to a band and he thought to himself, “God… if there is a God, if she can somehow make me play drums for this very band one day…” he paused to confirm that God is in fact a woman and continued by asking fans who they thought that band was. They all shouted in unison “Scorpions!” He smiled and explained that 5 years later he got a call from their manager to play for them and that it was confirmation that the Los Angeles dream is still alive.

He continued his drum solo, and with each pounding of the toms, an album cover popped up on the screen. One by one, each album cover appeared on the screens surrounding the drums as he was lifted a good 20+ feet into the air. As he finished, he stood on top of his bass drum with his back to the crowd. His shirt read “Rock N Roll Forever”. Fans cheered in agreement as he took off his shirt to show his back tattoo that read the same thing; fans went absolutely crazy, cheering non-stop.

The set continued and quickly ended with No One Like You and Big City Lights. The band went to the edge of the stage and thanked the crowd while throwing out guitar pics, drum sticks, high-fiving audience members and waving goodbye. It didn’t take long for fans to begin cheering and requesting- if not demanding an encore. Shortly after, the band returned to the opening chords of Still Loving You. Once again, everyone was out of their seats for this timeless hit. Fans were singing so loud that it nearly drowned out Meine’s vocals! The 18th and final song of the night was none other than Rock You Like A Hurricane which was the perfect ending to a flawless set.

There’s a saying which goes like “Quit while you’re ahead”. This saying can apply to many bands that are just not able to perform to the caliber of their ‘golden days’. For the Scorpions, however, this saying applies in no way. These guys put on a remarkable show, probably one that I will classify as one of the best shows of 2015. Aside from their amazing production with their lights and constantly changing backgrounds on the huge screens, the musicians are truly masters at their craft. If you don’t buy your ticket for Scorpions when they’re in your town, you will regret it. Everyone who is a fan of music needs to see this band perform, it’s just a must.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg