Buckcherry Lit Up Corpus Christi, TX

September 30, 2015
Brewster Street Icehouse- Corpus Christi, TX

       The venue was packed unusually early on September 30th in Corpus Christi, Texas. This was soon understood why when McAllen, Texas natives; Sons of Texas kicked the nights festivities off with a formidable set-list the crowd found very pleasing. Signed to Razor & Tie, Sons of Texas kept the energetic crowd pumped for the phenomenal acts to follow them… The band made their exit off the stage as the fans cheered them on Loud & Texas proud. Sons of Texas’s equipment was slowly replaced with that of Saving Abel’s. The already gleaming fans began to pack in tighter as time slowly passed on, driving the delighted fans into an even more passion filled hyperactive state of excitement during the guitar & mic check. I always felt it was good to see the crowd get excited over guitar & drum techs doing their amazing jobs.

It wasn’t long before Saving Abel hit the stage & drove the fans wild with highly energized set, packed full with every hit single in their repertoire. Including Addicted, Drowning (face down); 18 Days; before introducing himself & the band, along with some much warranted interaction with the fans in attendance… Scotty Austin, removed his sweaty t-shirt to cool off while the girls screamed louder cheering the band on… Saving Abel continued their extraordinary set with The Sex Is Good & Stupid Girl. Bringing their night to an end. Again the crowd cheered as yet another amazing act makes their exit off the stage…

Buckcherry’s Josh Todd could be seen back stage darting back & fourth, jumping up & down prepping himself to come out on stage and greet the packed house of loud & adoring fans… The band members slowly walked onto the stage, greeted with many whoops and hollers. Buckcherry started their evening off the right way & with their #1 single Lit Up. Sending the crowd into a frenzied screaming fest as Todd made his way from stage left to stage right then back to center stage again… The band continued their night with Imminent Bail Out & Bring it On Back, while knocking the crowd dead with Next 2 You… Buckcherry pulled out all the stops killing it every minute of the way with sych hits as  Everythingm Sorry; Tight Pants & Tired of You… The insanity didn’t stop there ladies & gentlemen, no sir… The band continued with The Madness; Gluttony & blowing minds away with their 6th radio single Crazy Bitch. Josh Todd Stevie D. & the rest of Buckcherry walked off stage to the sound of the a couple thousand revered fans cheering their loudest… This loud cheering caused Josh Todd & the rest of Buckcherry came back out on stage to give the crowd a much wanted 2 song encore. Buckcherry ended their nights & everyone else’s with a phenomenal cover of Icona Pop’s I love it with Buckcherry’s version Say Fuck It and Slaying it with  Sex Appeal…

This was one hell of an evening ladies & gents… A show sure not to miss! Grab your tickets for these one of a kind rockers!

Review by: Jared Wingate


Saving Abel

Sons of Texas