Comedy & Music Collide For Festival Supreme 2015

Festival Supreme
October 10, 2015
Shrine Auditorium- Los Angeles, CA

       Tenacious D’s third annual music and comedy festival was back in Los Angeles on Saturday October 10, this time with a Vegas theme. Featuring over 30 musicians and comedians, with 4 different stages, this festival was expected to bring some head banging and laughing to the Angelenos who attended.

Although it was October, Los Angeles was around 90 degrees so to get out of the heat, fans were offered two indoor and air conditioned stages, The Karma Chameleon and The Jesus Pizard Lounge. The Karma Chameleon was home to most of the stand up comedians including Nathan Fielder of Nathan For You who began his performance by hosing down an 18 year old kid, to show fans what would happen to them if any of them were to record what he was going to show. With laughs echoing through the venue, Fielder played a sneak peek from the upcoming season of his show Nathan For You. More acts that graced the Karama Festival Supreme_-9Chameleon were Aubrey Plaza who had an introduction from Jack Black! “Unfortunately Aubrey Plaza is unable to perform so we had a replacement for her.” Jack Black said as he introduced Yolanda, Aubrey Plaza’s Latina character. Unfortunately people wanted to see Plaza and not her made up character, and many people actually left during her stand up because of it. Taking the place of Adam Devine who was unable to perform, Reggie Watts entertained the crowd with his stand-up, beat-boxing and rapping which had people in tears. Post performance he met fans and posed for photos. He was definitely a great replacement and had the entire venue laughing out loud.

Moving on to The Jesus Pizard Lounge, performances included Amy Poehler, who packed the entire venue full of fans. Jack Black also introduced Poehler and remained on stage with her through her performance. Her short set was rather boring, as she called on one fan, asked her questions about her life and performed a song about it with the help of Jack Black. While entertaining, that was the only thing she did the entire time she had, and we wish she would have done something more funny and entertaining. Tenacious D also performed on the stage, but with a Jazz twist. For those expecting the classic Tenacious D, they were in for a confusing ride, with 30 minutes of Jazz.

As for the outdoor stages, the performances alternated and were on schedule for the entire festival, which was very convenient. When band’s would go over their time, they were cut off, like what happened when Rocket From The Crypt wouldn’t stop playing. Starting with the Komodo Dragn stage, highlights including Andrew W.K who brought his usual party theme to the crowd, and was constantly jumping around and smiling through the set.

The best stage of the day was the Stagezilla stage, which we assume was the main stage. The Darkness performed an enjoyable set full of jumping, guitar pic throwing and high pitched belting from lead singer, Justin Hawkins. Of course, the band to see and the best performance at the entire festival were South African Festival Supreme_-55rappers, Die Antwoord. The group which consists of Ninja, Yo-Landi Visser and DJ Hi-Tek brought the bass, the rapping and the mooning of the crowd. Their set included favorites including Baby’s On Fire, Fatty Boom Boom, Ugly Boy, Raging Zef Boner and the set closer Enter the Ninja. Fans attended the festival specifically to see them, as they don’t perform in the states very often. They did not disappoint and gave fans a night to remember.

All in all, the third festival supreme was a success. With a varied line-up featuring actors, comedians, rock bands and a south african rap group, there was something for everyone to enjoy. While some acts disappointed, others made up for it. We can’t wait to see what Festival Supreme in 2016 has to offer.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

Comedians & Performers: Puddles Pity Party, Neil Hamburger, Amy Poehler, Reggie Watts, Yolanda, Henry Rollins, Finesse Mitchell, Nathan Fielder  

Die Antwoord 

The Darkness 

Tenacious D 

Andrew W.K.