Powerhouse 2015 ft. Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, Future & More

October 23, 2015
Wells Fargo Center- Philadelphia, PA


Friday October 23rd started out as a chilly October evening, until Power 99‘s Powerhouse 2015 brought the heat.

Up and coming act & 5 piece band of brothers, Brotherly Love set it off with some killer synced up dance moves.

Next to take the stage was Foreign Ward/ Diamonds in the Rough Winner. The set was accented with 2 female dancers and one female rapper. All done up in their African themed attire reppin’ West Africa and Kenya religiously on stage at every opportunity they were presented with. Foreign proudly proceeds to tell the audience that the music they played was created by him; the artist, himself.

Transitioning into the next act was the Powerhouse intro video, rightfully amping up the crowd. … As if they needed it, right?! The crowd began pouring in, and gradually multiplied as the night progressed.

Jidenna stole the stage shortly after a brief break from the music. Classy dapper decked out gentleman spoke about his father from Nigeria. He explained what his father had told him about different people. Something along the lines of, ‘There are different people in the world. Some who want things to happen, some who really want things to happen, some who watch things happen, and some who don’t want things to happen.  You decide which one you will be.” The artist continued to share with the audience about his travels across the continent and that he’s received compliments on his beard, from all over! But ‘Philly’s got the best beards.’ Briefly between songs, He went on to speak about the importance of discretion, among other inspiring topics. He mentioned that discretion is always advised– when he travels he’s always discrete. When you say something to one person, you say it to everyone. The talented singer had a lot of inspirational words to share with the fans. One particularly that seemed to stand out amongst the rest, ‘Keep your gloves dirty but your hands clean.’ (Which is also a popular lyric in the popular jam, Classic Man.

PnB Rock was up next. The rapper comes out on stage to a newsbroadcast about Philly shootings in the background. The Ladies went nuts! PnB has Very confident lyrics including things such as, ‘I could take your girl in 15 seconds’… something or other. He also sings a number about the popularly used term ‘Fleek’. The artist throws his middle finger up, saying he doesn’t like the law.

Omarion stole the stage right under PnB’s feet. What a killer performance he put on. Hardly recognizable since B2K days, Omarion looked fly as ever, with a bandana on his head tied to the front, and a gold chain around his neck that glistened when the lights hit. The R&B/hop hop sensation played a variety of great material–both old and new, Throwin’ it back to fan favorites such as single, Ice Box.

Future-2 A little later, Rae Sremmurd graced the stage. They played tons of fun songs including one of their hottest numbers; Track 3 of album, SremmLife, No Flex Zone. These crazy cats had an unbelievable amount of energy, which remained constant throughout their entire set! They both jumped around all over stage, from side to side. A few songs into their set they invited a guest on stage for some special vocals. Rae Sremmurd kept the set going strong with, This Could Be Us, and No Type.

After brief introduction, the Power Squad came out to Rihanna’s, Bitch Better Have My Money followed by Beyonce’s 7/11 and Destiny’s Child’s, Survivor. Migos made an appearance shortly after, leading into the next act of the night.

Jeremiah owned the stage, despite several technical issues involving the artist’s sound, and stuck it out like a Rock Star.  A few songs into his set, Jeremiah slowed it down and jumped on the keys for a more acoustic version of Birthday Sex. Later breaking back into the hype with hit, Don’t Tell Em. Later the artist had the area bumpin’ to Natalie La Rose’s Somebody, feat. Jeremih.  Unfortunately, Powerhouse prematurely Cut Jeremih’s mic because they ran over set time due to technical difficulties, beyond their control. Jeremiah respected his mic being cut and walked off stage while the dj and the dancers finished out the set as best they could without mics/sound.

After a brief break from the line up, Powerhouse Dj teared up the turn tables. DJ Khaled came out swinging not long after. Khaled paused on stage and points at the press and while crossing his arms he says ‘All y’all with a camera, take your pictures. Take a picture of a icon.’ Later the confident rapper brought special guest, French Montana out on stage. Montana continued with some of his own material such as, Ain’t Worried About Nothin, Ocho Cinco, and Pop That.

Big Sean took Powerhouse to a-whole-nother level. Backed by rotating LED graphics and dramatic lighting his performance was artistic and insane! Big Sean, who’s really not so big (spoiler alert), won the crowd over with his catchy hit numbers including, Clique, Dance(A$$), Mercy and Legendary Drake’s song in which the rapper is featured, All Me. Later in the set, Big Sean gave a speech about the importance of following your heart. He proceeded to explain that he is a living proof example, that it can happen. Big Sean closed out a solid performance with fan favorite, I Don’t Fuck With You. The Fans went absolutely ape shit waving their middle fingers in the air screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. It was a beautiful sight to be seen. After the song, Big Sean dropped the mic and walked off stage, deuces to the sky. That’s a wrap!

It was finally time for one of the most anticipated acts of the night, Philly’s own, Meek Mill to take the stage. The artist was welcomed out on stage with an intro video setting off his performance, stretched across the LED lit DJ stand. Displaying on screen was an inspirational video about Meek’s journey and chasing dreams. Further opening up his performance, Meek brought his son out to join him on stage. The rapper watched his son steal the show with his adorable dance moves and rapper tendencies. Meek cranks Silento’s, Watch Me and watches his son whip and nay nay on stage. It was one of the most adorable things to ever witness. Precious. Absolutely precious. Fired up rapper brought up Drake beef commenting on Drake’s lyrical call out, ‘Is that your tour or your girl’s tour?’  Saying, ‘Yeah, nigga! I got the hottest chick in the bizz. YEAH, it’s my girl’s tour, nigga!’ After a few laughs, Meek had everyone pull out their cell phones and light up the arena for everyone that anyone had lost in the streets. He also wished his dad a happy birthday. Later he picked things back up and brought his Philly crew on stage to party, including surprise guest, Rick Ross. The artist gets back into the music with hit song featuring his girl, Nikki Minaj, All Eyes On You.  As the song continued, another surprise guest takes the stage. And it was Nonetheless than queen, herself– Miss Nikki Minaj. Minaj supported her man on stage also rapping to song, Truffle Butter in which she was featured. Meek, Nikki, and Rick definitely put on one hell of a performance. Meek Mill-18

It was certainly a legendary night for the rap & r&b music. Kendrick Lamar was also in the building! With graffiti self represented LED screens displayed in the background this fella put on a phenomenal performance. But honestly, who’s to expect any less?

YAZZ the Greatest finally made an appearance. Fans were beginning to give up on Empire sensation Yazz The Greatest when he took the stage by surprise. He showed up dressed to impress with his blinged out high tops, in all black with his gold chains and stunna shades. He too took a moment to slow it down and has everyone put their phones up for those they lost. His set was short, but certainly sweet.

Fans were extremely disappointed to find that Fetty Wap would not be performing Powerhouse 2015 in Philadelphia PA. But Future’s closing set kept the crowd on their toes and certainly made it worthwhile. Future killed it in his Back To The Future Graphic tee, wrapping up a successful night full of awesome music.

Well, Powerhouse. You did it again!

Review by: Liana Marie 


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