All That Remains & We Came As Romans Bring The HardDrive Tour To SLC

HardDrive Live Tour
October 27, 2015
In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT


The HardDrive Live Tour made a stop to Salt Lake City, UT with All That Remains and We Came As Romans headlining the tour. The supporting acts added to this tour was from Like Moths To Flames, Red Sun Rising** and Failure/Anthem** (**on selected dates.)

First performers of the night were American rockers Red Sun Rising from Akron, Ohio. The band had released their first album on August of this year, Polyester Zeal. They kicked off their set with Push along with My Muse and The Otherside. The band had moved around the stage on the beat of their music. Some may have not known who this band was before they started to play, however, Red Sun Rising had lit the atmosphere with a great rock and roll vibe.

Next up was the metal hardcore band, Like Moths To Flames from Columbus, Ohio. They also had the release of their third album, The Dying Things We Live For on October 23. The crowd were more energized than before as they had played some new songs from their newest album. Like Moths To Flames ended their set with GNF.

All That Remains made their second return of the year to Salt Lake City at a different venue. However that wasn’t the only changes; a new young and handsome face, Aaron Patrick has taken the place of Jeanne Sagan. The fans remember her as former bassist and backing vocalist of All That Remains. After 9 years with the band, she had to departure from the band to pursue other opportunities. Of a setlist of 13 songs, the most powerful and harmonized moment was when they played their ballad, What If I Was Nothing? The fans swayed with the melody, hands in the air and those who knew the lyrics sang their hearts. They had ended their set with fans favorites of, This Calling and Two Weeks.

We Came As Romans set was coming up next. This six piece metalcore band from Detroit, Michigan, also had a new a self-titled album making it the bands fourth release. To not keep the fans waiting any longer, the venue lights had dimmed as fans begin to cheer. As a whole band, they were very energetic on stage. Both vocalists Dave Stephens and Kyle Pavone were interactive with the crowd. Throughout their entire set, they had amazing light set up. We Came As Romans just knew how to play the right amount of old and new songs.

Review by: Daisy Beltran 

All That Remains

We Came As Romans