Hotting Up With Iration in Los Angeles

November 14, 2015
Hollywood Palladium- Los Angeles, CA

 Wrapping up their nationwide “Hotting Up” tour at the Hollywood Palladium on November 14th, 2015, Iration moved a crowd of four thousand side to side in a California reggae groove. Fellow reggae-rock bands Hours Eastly and Hawaii natives The Green opened the show, creating an uplifted and eager setting, licensing the headliner to take the crowd home. In other words, the openers gave Iration “The Green” light.

Though their members hail originally from the islands of Hawaii, Iration formed in the coastal college town of Isla Vista, California, neighboring Santa Barbara. These reggae-rockers shaped their sounds around the laid-back party atmosphere of seaside youth and freedom.

While not entirely reggae, their music has the flair of rock and roll, with more guitar and less bass. In fact, guitarist Micah Brown is the only member who does not hail from the islands, and the alternative/rock influence the band possesses is carried on his shoulders. Brown’s guitar solos flow out with such ease, yet provide the perfect amount of precision and sting that catches listeners right before they fall. The crowd drew in, mesmerized and provoked, each time Brown stepped up to the front of the stage to sing through his instrument.

Lead singer Micah Pueschel carries the laid-back Hawaiian vibe with him to the mainland through his smooth and polished voice that flows over like low tide. Paired with sunshine reggae guitars, Pueschel’s vocals deliver a soothing, soulful melody that is easy and even. Sweet upstrokes, melodic keys, and playfully groovy drums are wrapped up with gliding vocals in a neat, melodic bow.

Iration released their fourth studio album Hotting Up in August of this year, and it’s clear their sound has developed over the years through standout tracks like Reelin, Midnight, and Hotting Up. Each song is a polished and velvety item, mature and straightforward compared to their free-flowing previous works.

Iration-9The crowd was familiar and fond of all the songs played at the show, singing along to their beloved older tracks like Time Bomb and Falling while swaying side to side with arms in the air. The vast room was filled with mellow energy and peace, and the huge crowd was somehow made to seem intimate as every individual came together as one.

Throughout the entire show, on the right side of the stage stood a woman painting along with the music. It was fascinating to watch the progression of the piece she was working on, a gorgeous purple and orange sunset washed over by a big blue wave, accompanied by two pink Hawaiian hibiscus flowers. She danced and swayed with the music, keeping her eyes on her masterpiece. Converging there on the stage were two different forms of art, music and painting, auditory and visual art together in a great celebration of positivity and unanimity.

When they finally departed from the stage, the loving crowd coaxed an encore out, and they returned to greet the overjoyed, smiling faces. Halfway through Hotting Up, the sound cut out and all that was left audible was the bumping kick-drum. This was no problem for neither the band nor the crowd, as they all turned it up to eleven and sang as loudly as they could until the issue was resolved, and one more song was played to everyones satisfaction. It is clear that Iration has built through its music a strong, yet laid-back and loyal fan-base that are as easygoing as its members.

Review by: Jasmin Toubi 


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