The Apollo X Tour Lands in Pomona, California

Apollo X Tour ft. Motionless in White, The Color Morale, The Devil Wears Prada and The Word Alive
November 14, 2015
Fox Theater- Pomona, CA

       The Color Morale was given the first chance to warm up the fans on Saturday night. TCM is a post hardcore band hailing from Rockford, Illinois made up of vocalist Garret Rapp, drummer Steve Carey, guitarist Devin King, rhythm guitarist Aaron Saunders, and bassist Mike Honson.  Since the formation of the band eight years ago TCM has released four albums (We All Have Demons, My Devil In Your Eyes, Know Hope, and Hold On Pain Ends). Before the announcement of Hold On Pain Ends Fearless Records announced TCM as their newest signees in April of 2014. The Color Morale made Fearless and crowd goers proud as they played a short six song set, but made it a memorable one. Starting off with Burn Victims from the album Know Hope TCM breezed through Learned Behavior, Outer Demons, Prey For Me, Suicide;Stigma, and closed out their set with Strange Comfort.

The Word Alive joins the tour from Phoenix, Arizona with members Tyler Smith as the lead vocalist, bass player Daniel Shapiro, Luke Holland on drums, Tony Pizzuti on rhythm guitar, and Zack Hansen on lead guitar. Seven years ago the band made a choice to sign to Fearless Records and have had nothing but success since. In 2010 the band released Deceiver followed by Life Cycles in 2012, and Real. in 2014. TWA has also had many big tour opportunities with bands such as Parkway Drive and Killswitch Engage. On Saturday the band took their years of experience from touring and practice to play a remarkable show with songs from each of their albums to keep fans entertained for their six song set. Two songs that were most memorable during TWA’s set was Lighthouse which was dedicated to IMG_2235the Paris attack victims and Life Cycles in which Smith jumped off the stage and into the crowd to finish the set.

The Devil Wears Prada formed in 2005 in the city of Dayton, Ohio. With lead singer Mike Hranica, rhythm guitarist Jeremy DePoyster, bassist Andy Trick, and drummer Daniel Williams the band has released five albums (Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, Plagues, With Roots Above and Branches Below, Dead Throne, and 8:18) and two EP’s (Zombie & Space). Fresh off their last EP Space that was released last August TDWP brought a 15 song set to Pomona that left fans wanting more. TDWP played songs from their albums Roots Above and Branches Below, Dead Throne, Dead and Alive, 8:18, Plagues as well as playing Space in full while images played in the background of the band. Fans opened up a larger mosh pit for the group and crowd surfed in hopes to join Hranica on vocals for a quick moment and jumped with the band throughout the entire set.

Motionless In White began in Scranton, Pennsylvania ten years ago. During their ten year journey MIW has released three albums (Creatures, Infamous, Reincarnate), two EP’s (When Love Met Destruction and The Whorror), and has toured the states and overseas multiple times making Motionless In White a well-known name. Now co-headlining the Apollo X Tour with The Devil Wears Prada, Chris Motionless had the following to say via video on the band’s Facebook page “We’re finally putting on the show we’ve wanted to put on our entire career”. For some seeing is believing; therefore, when Motionless In White hit the stage in Pomona fans instantly believed that this tour was nothing like they’ve before. The stage was set up (by the hardworking MIW crew) with carved pumpkins lit up on a fence, a gate covering the front of Josh Balz’s keyboard and lamps on either side, complete with a large backdrop of a house. As fans were getting adjusted to the variety of stage props a large television screen (placed in the middle of the stage) came on with bright lettering “MIW” followed by eerie music and eventually beginning the band’s first song for the night Death March. Kylie Devin came out with a large flag with the MIW logo on it and waved it as the band began to play. IMG_1871Motionless continued their set with Devils Night, Unstoppable, Fatal, Abigail, Undead Ahead, A-M-E-R-I-C-A, Hatefuck, Linkin Park’s One Step Closer, Break The Cycle, Dead As Fuck, Immaculate Misconception, Sinematic, Synthetic love, Scissorhands (The Last Snow), and their encore song Reincarnate. During the song Abigail a woman came dressed out as Abigail and Chris Motionless controlled her during one part of the song by using “the force” to slam her to the ground. After Chris finished his part Abigail grabbed a noose and went up onto the barricade to greet fans with their potential fate. The entertainment continued during A-M-E-R-I-C-A as a girl dressed up as a clown came out and danced to the beat as well as sprayed the crowd with a water gun after. A few songs later during Dead As Fuck a cheerleader came out and chanted D-E! A-D! to keep the crowd hyped and involved with the bands set. The last piece of art came at the end of the set when the band played Scissorhands. A woman came dressed out exactly like Wiona Ryder from Edward Scissorhands and danced with bass player Ghost while “snow” fell from the sky. Overall Motionless in White stepped up their game and stage performance on the Apollo X tour and is a strong force to be reckoned with.
Review by: Dane Burns 

Motionless in White

The Color Morale

The Word Alive