Contributor Feature: Sarina Solem’s Favorite Live Shots Of 2015

Contributor Sarina Solem’s Favorite Live Shots of 2015

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It’s not often I get to shoot The Story So Far from a photo pit so when I got to this summer I was really stoked. I took a bunch of photos but at the very end I took a few multiple exposures of Bassist Kelen Capener and this ended up being one of my favorite shots of the night. Kelen must of liked it to because a few days later he posted it!


I got to shoot The Weeknd this summer at a festival during Labor Day Weekend called Bumbershoot. The stage was to high and the photo pit was packed so I didn’t like the photos I was getting, I got this one from the crowd it was my favorite out of all the pictures I got of him.


This picture is from my first Electronic Dance Music show I ever shot,  the venue wasn’t very friendly with photographers and where they wanted us to take pictures pretty much sucked. I ended up going to a seat in the back and snapping a few pictures from there instead and its one of my favorites because you can get an idea of how big the crowd was for the well known DJ Zedd

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This is one of my favorite shots because I was expecting not to shoot Brand New; They had told the festival promoters that they wanted NO PHOTOGRAPHERS shooting them. They seemed pretty strict about it and had it in Caps lock everywhere. For some reason about an hour before their set started they told the promoters that they were gonna allow photographers and luckily I was one of the few photographers that heard that and was able to shoot them that day. Its also one my favorites because its probably the last time I’ll ever shoot this band.

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The band New Politics is really fun to see live. The band and especially the singer David Boyd has a crazy amount of energy every time I see them. This photo shows how much energy Boyd has during the show and thats why its one of my favorites.22648137702_74c9cfdf6e_o

Its always fun taking pictures of Sleeping With Sirens, I really love the colors and Justin Hills pose in this picture and its different from all my other shots i’ve ever taken of this band.


This is probably one of my most favorite shots of the year because this is one of my favorite bands. I’ve been going to All Time Low shows since 2010, in fact they where one of bands I saw at my first concert. I never thought I’d shoot them when I first saw them but getting to shoot them this year was a big thing to mark off my bucket list.

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