Breaking Benjamin Celebrates Benjamin Burnley’s Birthday With Anaheim, CA

Breaking Benjamin
March 9, 2016
House of Blues- Anaheim, CA

      After a treacherous 6 year wait since Breaking Benjamin’s last album, the band, who had several recent line up changes, released Dark Before Dawn in 2015 and have been touring since. The band arrived close to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, where they would perform in Downtown Disney at the House of Blues.

With the crowd packed in like sardines (it was very curious as to how this show wasn’t sold out because there was literally no room to walk), the clock slowly ticked down until BB would perform. Shortly before their set, there was an auction for some signed drum heads and other items that people bid on to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Several minutes after the auction the crowd grew impatient and began changing for the band to come on stage. Finally, the lights dimmed and the band entered one by one, with the music to So Cold kicking off the night. Smoke burst out from the sides of the drum riser as Benjamin Burnley entered the stage and began singing the hit.

Breaking Benjamin-3What’s interesting about Breaking Benjamin is that all of the members are extremely talented, and if anyone had doubts, they were proven wrong at the show. Guitarist Keith Wallen impressed the crowd early in the set, doing vocals for Sooner or Later and later on bassist, Aaron Bruch took over on lead vocals for Simple Design.

As the set reached it’s half way point, the stage went dark and the band began playing Imperial March from Stars Wars. Soon after it was supposed to end, Darth Vadar came out on stage and following him was a stormtrooper. Burnley seemed confused and admitted he didn’t know why the song didn’t end where it was supposed to, but soon realized why, when Darth Vadar and the crowd began signing happy birthday to him. The storm trooper brought out an amazing Star Wars themed cake, and Burnley thanked them, his band members and the audience.

The night continued and Breaking Benjamin did a cover of the intro to Tool’s Schism, part of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit and ended their cover streak with part of Pantera’s Walk. The festivities of the night continued and the band began performing hit after hit including Give Me a Sign, Breath with Dustin from opening band Starset, the set closer I Will Not Bow and encore of course being their most popular hit to date, The Diary of Jane. 

Breaking Benjamin really went all out for this tour, performing songs from all of their albums which really gave every fan something to enjoy. Further, they are just really great to watch, constantly in motion and head banging along with the fans. This show was something extra special because the fans could be there and celebrate Burnley’s birthday, but I highly suggest you get your ticket for when they’re in a city near you, because if you like hard rock, this is a show for you.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg